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How Padre Island trash turns into treasure

Half the fun is in the mystery of what you’ll find. You never what will wash up on the beach.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Residents in Port Aransas got the chance to purchase dozens of peculiar items that wash up on Padre Island throughout the year at the 'Tony's Trash to Treasure' event.

The proceeds raised benefit the nonprofit Amos Rehabilitation Keep, better known as 'Friends of the Ark'. The organization is dedicated to rescuing injured wildlife and outreach.

Reserve Director at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute Jace Tunnell said there is an assortment of items that wash up on the beach. While holding a creepy doll, he told spectators at the event, "I promise you, your life will never be the same after you go to bed with this in your house."

Proud owners of their new creepy dolls Jill and Roger Brodnax are volunteers with Friends of the Ark. Jill told 3NEWS, "They're creepy but they don't really creep me out, but this one does. She's kind of spooky." 

Port A resident, Deno Fabrie said, "I didn't get a few things that were really exciting."

What was exciting was the amount Fabrie was able to donate towards the Friends of the Ark's mission. "I gave them 200 so I hope that helps the ark." Fabrie.

Jill and Roger Brodnax were pleased with the turnout, they explained. "We're building a new hospital, over here at Friends of the Ark. We do fundraise for them. And so, this just contributes to that."

Tunnell said, "We take pictures of a lot of the things washing up, because we want to educate people." He told 3NEWS that although these unique items washing up on shore are cool, he's hopeful this will inspire more conservation efforts.

"In the effort to try to educate people, we think that that could lead to conservation and protection of not only sea turtles, and birds but just of the places we like to go," Tunnel said.

'Tony's Trash to Treasure' event is named after ornithologist birdwatcher Tony Amos. His son Michael is keeping his legacy alive. "Your legacy is not about so much of all the great things that you said," he said. "It's much more about what you've done over time. Consistently. That's my dad's lesson to me for sure."

Click here for Mission Aransas Reserve's YouTube channel where they post all sorts of treasures that wash up from high tides.

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