U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has a plan to help improve cybersecurity and train more students to work in the field on Monday.

While speaking at the State University at Albany, Schumer announced his plan to create a new program at SUNY schools to train people to work in cybersecurity.

He cited an increase in hacks and digital attacks on systems all around the state in recent years. Schumer calls his proposal a win-win because it helps train people for high paying jobs, while also improving everyone's safety online.

"I'm launching a push to create an educational cybersecurity pilot program, " Schumer said. "It would fund programs at the four-year level, like U of Albany, and community colleges throughout the SUNY system to help students at all levels of skills."

The senator said he has received bipartisan support for the program and is optimistic he'll be able to pass the legislation to launch the program.

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