Technology is having a growing influence in sports. From the sidelines to the stands, gadgets are improving gameplay and fan experience.

A new football, available in two sizes, by Wilson Sporting Goods Co. works with your smartphone to improve your throw.

With five modes, the ball uses internal sensors to record distance, ball spin, and speed. These measurements are recorded in the app, and used to "compete" with your teammates. An internal battery, the company says, will last for about 200,000 throws.

The KING 5 morning team took the connected football to the field at Seattle's Garfield High School to test out their throwing arms.

At $200, this football isn't likely to find its way into the hands of more casual players. For those looking to improve their performance on the field, this high-tech football may be the right tool.

Even with the Wilson X Connected Football, this technology reporter isn't likely to throw a game winning pass anytime soon.

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