BUFFALO, NY- In a conference call with Buffalo reporters Friday afternoon Jeff Skinner said he's excited about joining the Sabres because of their young talent, including center Jack Eichel.

Skinner said "The young group of players they have, the young core is exciting. I'm excited to join those guys and be a piece of the puzzle. He's obviously one of the top centers in the game right now. I'm so happy to be on his team instead of against him."

Skinner said he's heard good things from other players about the city, ownership and the fans. The Sabres sent prospsect Cliff Pu and a number of draft picks to Carolina to acquire Skinner.

Skinner's contract is up after this season but right now he said he's not focused on a new deal, only getting ready for the season. Skinner waived his no trade clause in his contract to come to Buffalo.