ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills General Manager Brandon Beane isn't holding back his thoughts on the narrative that free agent players didn't want to come to Buffalo.

"I'm trying to keep my words," Beane said. "That pissed me off...to be candid."

Beane addressed the media Thursday afternoon following the introductory press conference of the team's free agents.

Below are his full comments:

"If you live in Buffalo, or you know anything about Buffalo, don't speak about Buffalo if you don't know this city and what this fanbase is like...it really pissed me off. Because it's not true and when you talk to players...I mean, guys flowed through here today, 8, 9, whatever, and we could of have more. We didn't have that narrative. It was total started with a bad rumor on the whole Antonio Brown thing and people looking for reasons and they didn't have all the facts. Again, people that have been here, I can't tell you how many players commented, 'This is amazing, this is awesome, what a facility, what a place, what a culture,' all that stuff that we've got going here. This city is...we love it and all I'm going to say is anybody that says that doesn't know Buffalo and is speaking out of ignorance."