NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. - Young athletes already have their minds on football season, and Wednesday, parents got to see what is being done to make the game safer.

Over a dozen youth football programs in Niagara and Erie County attended a symposium, where players learned safety techniques like how to properly block and tackle.

Parents got to see and even participate in the techniques, based off of the 'Heads Up' football safety program.

“Those techniques basically take the head out of the way," Ray Turpin with the Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association said. "So when you’re tackling, rather than your head dropping in a vulnerable position, your head is actually up, and you’re actually seeing what you’re doing."

The Niagara Erie Youth Sports Association mandates that every football coach complete a 'Heads Up' course.

Training on the field is done with the coaches as well.