BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Facebook post from the Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper says a 14-inch goldfish was caught in the Niagara River. 

When contacted via phone to verify, the Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper told us the image was taken a couple of years ago. The post was meant to raise awareness about sewage overflows, but they do not know if this fish was actually flushed down the toilet. 

According to the post, the fish was caught just downstream from the wastewater treatment plant in Buffalo.

The post goes on to recommend that people not flush live fish down the toilet. They say goldfish can survive year-round in our waters and can destroy the habitat of native fish.

They also say scientists estimate that millions of goldfish live in the Great Lakes. 

This is why you should never flush your fish! This 14-inch goldfish was caught in the Niagara River, just downstream of the wastewater treatment plant. Goldfish can survive year-round in our...