WEST FALLS, NY- In this era where technology reigns our lives like an electronic dictator, it's easy to see why so many are disconnected from the natural world. The digital spell we're under dissolves the roots we once had planted firmly in the Earth, but fortunately there are those who are fighting hard to restore the severed bonds we lost so long ago.

Oakmoss Education is an environmental education service dedicated to making that reconnection with the planet that sustains us all.Mary Jo Graham is Oakmoss' Founder." Nature is our source of everything, there isn't anything on this planet that didn't come from Earth, nothing we invented that didn't come from Earth. It's important we understand our dependency on it, and that without these resources that we take advantage of and the other species that co-habitate with us, life would not be possible for humans we really depend upon it. So that's what we do, we try to get that message across. "

There are a number of environmental education organizations sprouting up these days. Groups like Oakmoss offer a wide variety of programs aimed at restoring what we've lost in our rush to separate from the planet. Though we may not have noticed,Graham believes it's something that may be doing a lot of damage." There's a lot of evidence out there that our disconnection has caused not only social problems , but also personal problems among people, increases in depression, we're aware of Nature Deficit Disorder among children, they show symptoms of behavioral or learning disabilities, and they've connected it to the lack of connection to the natural world."

Reconnecting To Nature Provides Benefits To Both Body And Sprit.
Reconnecting To Nature Provides Benefits To Both Body And Sprit.

Graham and others who promote a reconciliation with Nature are not advocating a return to the Stone Age, but are teaching one of Nature's most important lessons, that of equilibrium." It's trying to get that balance between where technology can be a benefit not only to the Human species, but the natural world as well in our understanding of it, and really being part of the natural world. "

It's not easy dragging people away from their electronic anchors, but once they make the break, there's no going back. Oakmoss offers a simple solution." By actually personalizing it with people. Bringing them out and teaching them the wisdom that is out there in Nature." Graham explains. " We offer a variety of programs, from your standard hike through the woods, interpretive hikes where we talk about what's going on in that habitat or during that season, to self sufficiency programs where we teach folks how to more reliant on yourself , and to use things from nature. We also do gardening and Herbalism programs "

The connection so many long for was never lost. It's all still inside of us, and once we rediscover that link , we also uncover a wealth of knowledge we may have long since forgotten. " Humans have really only been around for four tenths of one percent of Earth's history. We're infants in relation to the other species that share this planet with us. We can learn a lot from them, they've been around a lot longer , and can teach us, how do you survive on this planet . It's our Mother, you know. It's our only connection to life, and if you want to fight for your own life, you have to fight for the thing that supports it."

If you'd like to learn more about the many programs available through Oakmoss Education, you can visit their website here: http://oakmossed.com/