BUFFALO, N.Y. - Each week of the 2018 Buffalo Bills season, Heather Prusak and her adorable year and a half old yellow lab, Otto, will predict who will win the game in a series we call, 'Otto Zone.'

Heather will give her pick and a game analysis for the Bills and their opponent and Otto will give his prediction by finishing the food in each team's respectable food bowl. It doesn't matter which bowl he touches first, he can switch between bowls, all that matters is whatever bowl he finishes first, is Otto's pick.

Below you can catch all 'Otto Zone' predictions so far this season:

Week 1: Bills at Ravens

Heather's Pick: Ravens

Otto's Pick: Bills

SCORE: 47-3, Ravens.

Heather: 1-0

Otto: 0-1

Week 2: Chargers at Bills

Heather's Pick: Chargers

Otto's Pick: Bills

SCORE: 31-20, Chargers.

Heather: 2-0

Otto: 0-2

Week 3: Bills at Vikings

Heather's Pick: Vikings

Otto's Pick: Vikings

SCORE: 27-6, Bills

Heather: 2-1

Otto: 0-3

Week 4: Bills at Packers

Heather's Pick: Packers.

Otto's Pick: Packers

SCORE: 22-0, Packers.

Heather: 3-1

Otto: 1-3 *Otto's 1st Win*

Week 5: Titans at Bills

Heather's Pick: Titans

Otto's Pick: Titans

SCORE: 13-12, Bills.

Heather: 3-2

Otto: 1-4

Week 6: Bills at Texans

Heather's Pick: Bills

Otto's Pick: Bills

SCORE: 20-13, Texans

Heather: 3-3

Otto: 1-5

Stay tuned all season long for more 'Otto Zone' predictions!