Budweiser isn't the only company to tackle the politically heavy topic of immigration in their Super Bowl commercial this year.

Nay, it was hardware chain 84 Lumber that really brought immigration to the forefront this year. It also caused Twitter to explode with commentary on immigration and the company's website went down amid all the attention. It's back up now.

The full commercial won't appear on television during the big game after it was rejected by Fox. The full ad, which is nearly six minutes long, is available on the company's Twitter account.

The moving commercial showed a mother and her daughter making an arduous and long journey to America. The saga ends with them seeing a huge border wall once they reach their destination.

Stymied, the mother breaks down crying upon seeing the huge, imposing structure. She hugs her young daughter before spotting an opening in the wall, a huge wooden door. The mother and daughter push it open and run through.

The commercial then cuts to a man driving down the highway with tools and lumber in the back of his truck, seemingly having just built the door. The words, "The will to succeed is always welcome here" then appear on screen.

The advertisement comes amid a national debate over immigration after President Trump issued an executive order temporarily banning immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries. A federal judge has issued a restraining order lifting the ban.