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Legislators still waiting for CBA discussions to start for new Bills stadium

The Community Benefit Agreement, or CBA, needs to be completed by September 1.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — In April, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz went before the Erie Co. Legislature to present the new Buffalo Bills stadium deal reached to by the Bills, NYS, and county. 

"He did say at that meeting formally that he would convene a meeting the following week and now as you can see, we are in the middle of July and we have not met," said Erie Co. Legislature Chair April Baskin.

Baskin says that's an issue when the agreement needs to be in by September 1. 

Recently, Baskin wrote this letter to Poloncarz, requesting there be a meeting. 

She says it's one of many times she's requested he put one together with her and the other two legislators he's appointed to the CBA negotiation team. 

They include Legislator Jon Mills and Majority Leader Timothy Meyers. 

"We're looking at millions upon millions of dollars from the general public to make this new stadium come to fruition. The component of the new stadium deal that outlines what the benefits are going to be for their investment has to be prioritized. And I have been asking for that for almost a year now," Baskin said. 

Two-hundred and fifty million is coming from Erie County while $600 million is coming from New York State. 

Baskin submitted a plan called 'Invest Well Erie' in September. 

She then recently updated it after getting feedback from community leaders at 25 meetings.  

'Invest Well Erie' focuses on bringing money to underserved communities, public transportation, SUNY schools in Erie County, public safety, and youth athletics, among other things. 

"We can convene. I believe we can begin to discuss some of the framework that I've outlined. I believe other legislators have surveyed their communities and they have things they would like to bring to the table," Baskin said. 

"There's nothing stopping the county and meeting together and talking a little bit about the work that has been done on behalf of the legislature here in Erie County that eventually has to take several votes to make the full stadium deal to come to fruition."

The governor's office and Poloncarz's office have not responded to requests for comment. 

Baskin's letter and Invest Well Erie plan:


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