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Von Miller opens up opportunities for rest of Bills defensive line

Von Miller is going to provide a ton of value across the board for the organization, something Ed Oliver is quickly realizing.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — We know with the addition of Von Miller that it will add a ton value to the Buffalo Bills as a whole.

But when you look at the defensive line, we can expect Miller to be double teamed this upcoming season which should provide a ton of opportunity for other players on the line like Ed Oliver. Something Oliver is well aware of. 

Oliver met the media after the Bills wrapped up minicamp on Wednesday. As far as taking advantage of Miller's presence, he is ready.  

"I will play on the other side, you all go over there and block him, I will go on the other side. It will be good not only for me but the defense as a whole. He is a big time player so they will key in on him and it will take attention off me. It will help me," Oliver said.

Oliver understands the type of player Miller is and the value that he brings to help the team win their first Super Bowl. 

"To win it all you have to be damn near perfect near everywhere so we all have to work together so there is more left on the bone we just have to go get it," Oliver said. 

Something similar to Miller, Ed Oliver said he's been trying to do his part to get the young defensive players up to speed as well. 

"Even the young (defensive) tackles we got in the room, just trying to help them along, and help them compartmentalize what they need to know, and help them play faster. Even with Tim (Settle) and them guys, we are all rushing off each other just trying to bring it all together," Oliver said.

Odd side note, Oliver was asked about his horses, and he said he plans on bringing two of 15 of them to Buffalo this offseason. He mentioned that he wants Josh Allen to ride one of them but says he is sure the organization would allow it.

As expected, Buffalo concluded its minicamp a day early and will not practice on Thursday. Next up, the team preps for training camp at the end of July in Rochester.

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