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Von's Vision: Bills' Miller brings his foundation to Western New York

Von Miller hasn't played a game for the Bills yet, but he's already making an impact on his new community with his foundation, Von's Vision.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — We have yet to see the impact Von Miller will make in a Buffalo Bills uniform at Highmark Stadium this season, but we did see an impact he's already made on his new community.

Miller hosted his first Von's Vision reveal day in Western New York on Saturday afternoon. Now, going back to school will be a little bit clearer for 200 students in the area.

"For 350 students that we checked, 200 needed glasses, so this is the biggest turnout that we've ever had," Miller said.

And they'll have a fresh first day look too, thanks to Von's Vision, giving the gift of sight and swag.

"My mom, she put my glasses back together a couple of times. You know how you fall asleep in them and you crush them and stuff? So many different things happen when you have glasses, especially when you're a kid," Miller said.

"To give kids a brand new pair of high fashioned frames is super cool."

Miller understands, too, that new specs mean a lot of spending.

Big time Bills fan and All-Pro big brother Conner Glab got to tag along with his two younger sisters who needed a pair of glasses. He was excited to see what the girls picked out, thanks to Von.

"I'm really appreciative of that. I really like how he bought these glasses for everybody, and I'm really appreciative of him doing this for everybody in the community," Glab said.

Added Kim Klopp, a Buffalo Public Schools parent: "Not every medical has vision on it, and it really helps out. Back in the day, when I was little, I had that same problem, so I know how it feels. It's not always fun sitting in the front of class."

Her daughter, Natalya Snyder, said she was more excited to go back to school with her fresh look.

"I can be a little different than other people, and it can be a lot easier," Snyder said.

And what's a cooler back to school story than walking in the first day with new glasses bought by two-time Super Bowl champion Von Miller?

"Some kids don't even know that they need glasses. They don't have a problem with the schoolwork, or it's not that they can't do the school work, or anything like that. It's that they simply can't see," Miller said.

"To even out the playing field in the classroom for these kids, especially getting ready to go back to school is huge. I feel super blessed, and I'm super excited for the kids."

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