NORTH TONAWANDA, N.Y.-- Jacob Gauda towers over most of his fellow Bills fans.

It's something he's been used to throughout most of his life; in fact, his favorite player growing up was "The House," Howard Ballard.

"I was a big kid, and I could see myself doing something like that," said Gauda, reflecting on his earliest memories of #75. "When you're a little kid, it's easy to see someone like him and say 'I want to do that too.'"

And at 36-years-old, Gauda would indeed find himself tossing on those red, white, and blue colors, wearing his own helmet adorned with a Buffalo Bills sticker.

But Gauda's destiny was not to play on Sundays.

It was to cheer, as one of the biggest super-fans you'll ever see.

Some might even call him mythical.

Gauda started wearing red, white, and blue fur across his arms as early as 1988. Eventually, he'd don his trademark furry vest, his sun-glasses, and his face-paint.

"It just naturally became 'Hey, you're big, your furry... You're Billsfoot," Gauda smiled.

As a stark contrast to the urban myth of Bigfoot, the newly-minted Billsfoot adored his newly-found popularity as his legend began to grow.

"Oh man the first time I put this getup on, [during] the walk to the stadium I was stopped every two seconds," laughed Gauda. "'Can I get a picture with you? Can I get a picture?' Man, I always love taking pictures with people."

One of the best parts, said Gauda, has been the incredible attention he gets from fans during the road games as well.

Billsfoot has been known to draw lines of people at stadiums across the country.

He's also been known to draw some friendly competition from other larger-than-life figures as well.

"Me and Chomps, the Cleveland Browns mascot... We had a little... Face-off. He was staring me down, and I just pointed at him like 'Gonna break you in half,'" laughed Gauda, before gritting his teeth, and clinching his fists.

All in good fun of course, reflected Gauda, who still looks fondly back on some of his earliest days of being a fan: sitting next to his dad, watching the games together each Sunday.

"He loves it, he laughs," said Gauda heartily. "He grew up a Packers fan, the Bills weren't around. I don't blame him! You've got to have some kind of team, right? But the Bills came around, he became a Bills fan. And there's a great picture of us at Super Bowl XXVI, sitting outside tailgating. Just the memories of it all... It's good times."

Meet the Mafia will continue throughout the remainder of the 2018-19 Buffalo Bills season.

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