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Jim Kelly, who is unable to speak, writes "Happy Easter" on whiteboard

Kelly's wife Jill says he is unable to talk following his surgery, and has been using a whiteboard to communicate.

BUFFALO, NY - Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly is doing well following surgery on Wednesday, according to Mount Sinai Health System in New York City.

His wife, Jill, posted photos on Instagram late Saturday, showing Kelly writing on a whiteboard. Jill says he cannot speak.

DAY 3...ICU Better than yesterday, but a lot more healing needed. The doctors told us what to expect, but nothing could have prepared us. It wasn’t only the cancerous tumor and lymph nodes that had to be removed... Jim’s entire upper jaw has been reconstructed (using his left femur bone, etc.) due to radiation damage from his previous cancer treatment. He can’t talk... But he can write...THANK GOD for wipe boards. Watching Jim go through this is far more difficult than I can describe. But, like wipe board messages, we Praise God for everything. Every breath. Every tear. Every struggle. Every small step of victory. It’s all in His hands. Thank you for praying!

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His daughter, Erin, posted on Instagram her father "took his first steps since surgery" on Sunday.

Happy Easter!!! He is Risen!!! And on the day Jesus rose... my dad also stood and took his first steps since surgery! 🙌🏼 God is good!! Please continue to pray! #KellyTough #PrayersForJK

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Dr. Mark Urken says Kelly will likely be in the hospital for two weeks to recover. After that, he will have a follow up cancer screening in three months.

On Friday Dr. Urken said that, "Mr. Kelly continues to recover well. In addition to his own incredible toughness, he is surrounded by an extraordinarily supportive family."

"There is a long road to full recovery ahead," his wife, Jill, said. "Our family would appreciate your continued prayer support. Thank you!"

Kelly's daughter Erin posted this photo on her Instagram Friday:

Healing... One day at a time. One prayer at a time. Please keep praying. ♥️ #KellyTough #PrayersForJK

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Surgery began around 9 a.m. on Wednesday and lasted nearly 12 hours.

The procedure, known as a microvascular reconstruction, was expected to be long and complicated.

In Kelly's case, doctors were taking a part of Kelly's calf bone and blood vessels and placing it into his jaw.

The surgery is expected to make him more comfortable once he recovers.

Kelly already battled and overcame oral cancer three-and-half years ago.