BUFFALO, N.Y. — Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Dion Dawkins has penned a letter to the Bills Mafia and those wanting to jump on the Bills bandwagon.

Dawkins starts out his letter, written for the website The Players Tribune, talking about football fans wanting to jump on the Bills bandwagon now that that the team is having some success again. 

Dawkins says the bandwagon is full.

"We are no longer accepting new passengers. This is NOT a buy-low opportunity. Us real ones, we’ve BEEN here — been on this ride for years. And we’re GOOD. So to everyone else, everyone who’s trying to hop on in 2020??? Just know, We ain’t got nothing for you. Take it somewhere else. This wagon is full. There is. no. room," said Dawkins in the letter.

After that, he goes on to tells Bills fans that the overtime loss to the Houston Texans in the wildcard playoff game, hurt. 

"Losing hurts, man. It just hurts. And that was a tough loss — pretty much as tough as any loss comes. We felt like we were right there, playing our game, had that W in our grasp….. and we let it go. It hurts. We’re a better team than what happened in that game, and you guys deserve better as fans than what happened in that game," he writes. 

But he also tells fans this isn't the same old Buffalo Bills.  This is a different team he says. 

He writes everyone in the Bills locker room expects the season to still be going this time next year and this is what the new Bills wave is all about, he says. 

He also gives credit to Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. "I don’t think people realize just how freakishly good of an ATHLETE Josh is," he writes.

He then goes on to talk about how, despite playing football all of his life, he was never really recognized until he came to Buffalo. Even a shopping trip to Wegmans gets him a "Dion" shout. He says he cherishes those moments interacting with Bills fans.

He ends the letter telling Bills fans they're on to something great.

You can read Dawkins full letter here.

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