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Bills have chance to clinch playoff spot with multiple scenarios

New England's Thursday night loss was among the things that needed to happen for the Bills to clinch a playoff berth this week.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — A lot is being made of this game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills on Sunday Night Football.

The prime-time action is right on our channel, NBC, but what isn't being talked about as much is the Bills have the chance to clinch a playoff spot. Of course, the Bills have to win and some other scenarios have to happen.

Stay with me here:

  • The Bills would need to beat the Steelers;
  • the Ravens would have to lose to the Browns;
  • the Dolphins would also need to lose to the defending Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs;
  • the Raiders would have to lose to the Colts;
  • and the Patriots needed to lose or tie against the Los Angeles Rams in the Thursday night game. They lost 24-3.

Now it’s a lot of scenarios. Buffalo would need to happen to clinch a playoff spot, but Stefan Diggs said as they want to take it game by game, it’s the back of their minds that they could solidify themselves in the postseason come Sunday.

“It’s like a rabbit hole,” Diggs said. “You have to watch this team lose and this team win, so you try not to get too much caught up into it. You always hope for the best because of course you want to be in the playoffs.

“It would be different if our record was different or if we did X, Y, Z earlier in the season. We might be in a different spot. We probably could think of it more, but because of what our record is, we have to take it game by game. We got to control what we have to win first. That’s first.”

The first part of that equation kicks off tonight with the Patriots and Rams.


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