ORCHARD PARK, NY - Bills' Head Coach Sean McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane held their pre-draft press conference on Monday afternoon and most of the focus was on, what else, quarterbacks.

"You've got to have a franchise quarterback. That's one of the main jobs of a GM is to find a franchise quarterback. It's a quarterback league, I'll say it every single time. You have to have one," Brandon Beane said.

This draft is arguably one of the most important ones ever for the Bills. Probably the most important one since the year they drafted Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly.

It's a chance for the Bills to finally get their franchise quarterback, something they haven't had in over two decades.

Right now, the Bills have the twelfth overall pick, but that could change as the draft gets closer and phones start ringing.

"I know everybody assumes we're trading up. First of all, I said before even if I wanted to trade up right now, even if I said I know the guy I want to get and I need to get to this spot, it takes a partner," Beane said.

Until the Bills find that partner, they have two picks in the first round at 12 and 22. If they want to get one of those top five quarterbacks, they'll most likely have to trade up but that could mean giving up a first round pick next year.

Right now, it's unclear what price Beane and McDermott think is too much. We'll find out come next Thursday when the draft gets underway.