CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — Bills fans proved they're the most devoted fans in the NFL once again on Saturday, from standing at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in brutally cold weather to send the team off, to bringing a folding table as checked luggage to Jacksonville.

Sue and Chris Arnold brought their three kids to the team board its chartered Delta because they say none of their kids had even been born before the last Bills' playoff game.

"It's just exciting to get the family involved in what the community is like because they have no idea what the city is like with any of the sports teams being in the playoffs,” said dad Chris Arnold.

They were among a group of fans who braved the wind and -16 degree weather Saturday morning to send off the team.

"It is nice to have that community relationship with the Bills,” said fan John Maher.

On a another flight, Tim Konzziela, who was also headed to Florida Saturday, made a week-long joke a reality.

He brought a folding table and checked it as luggage.

"Walked into the airport with it, I got a couple of strange looks. Then I was met with a whole lot of fanfare and 'Go Bills!'” Konzziela said by phone.

Konzziela's friend custom painted the folding table, he picked it up Friday night, and it was tucked in to his Southwest plane's cargo cabin Saturday morning.

"The rest of the Southwest employees thought it was the funniest thing ever, saying they wanted to take pictures with it, and they can't believe it's actually happening,” he said.

Another Bills' fan on the same flight caught captured photos of the ground crew taking it out of the plane and laughing as they realized what it was. Those images went viral on Facebook and Twitter.

“We happened to be sitting right where the luggage was coming out of the plane, and the first thing out of the side of the plane is our table, and everybody looking out the window is kind of like, oh my God somebody actually brought a folding table,” Konzziela said.

Southwest's slogan is that luggage flies free, but the table exceeded the luggage size limit, so Konzziela had to pay the $75 fee. He said it was worth it, and he's made some new friends out of it too.

Konziella said he and his friends plan to keep it intact, and should the Bills win, he said it's going to New England next.