1. Cleveland Hill
2. JFK
3. Wilson
4. Akron
5. Eden/North Collins

Offensive Players of the Year:
James Bailey, JFK
Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill
Colton Stetz, Eden/North Collins

Defensive Players of the Year:
Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill
Jacob Sarow, Akron
Justin Bohrer, JFK

Linemen of the Year:
Manny Al-Hemyari, Cleveland Hill
Zachary Decarolis, Eden/North Collins

Unsung Players of the Year:
Zachary Decarolis, Eden/North Collins
James Purpura, Cleveland Hill

Underclassmen of the Year:
Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill


Glen Graham needs 7 wins to reach the coveted 100 Victory mark. Recorded 9 Wins last season including their 7th sectional title. Return All-WNY candidates in Ryan Majerowski who is a tackling machine. And Aaron Wahler who rushed for 1,000 yards in 2016. Other key players include Manny Al-Hemyari, Sam Arrington, James Purpura, Demario Grant, David Grant, Matt LaCourse and Brett Kocjanski. Will Compete for league and Sectional titles. Have a tough matchup with Maryvale in Week 1. Key to season will be play of QB and Line. Return 6 starters on both sides of the ball. The Varsity squad is 16-4 the past 2 seasons. They will miss Matt Eldridge.

Head Coach: Glen Graham (93-34-0), 13 Years
Assistant Coaches: Chad Kuras, Denny Mason
2016 Varsity Record: 9-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 6. Defense is 6.
Key Players: Aaron Wahler, Manny Al-Hemyari, Ryan Majerowski, Sam Arrington, James Purpura, Demario Grant, David Grant, Matt LaCourse, Brett Kochanski
Key Losses: Matt Eldridge, Tyler Phillips, Nate Pawlowski
2016 JV Record: 6-3-0


Bears look to be competitive this season. They are led by senior QB James Bailey, who is an All-WNY candidate. Other key players include Justin Boher, Jordan Snyder, Sean McGee. 9 starters return from last year’s team. They host Pioneer in Week 1 and play Akron in Week 2. Should contend for playoff berth. Key to season will be play of line.

Head Coach: Jeff Sabintino (9-9-0) 2 Years
Assistant Coaches: Mark Ostempowski
2016 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 5.
Key Players: James Bailey, Justin Bohrer, Jordan Snyder, Sean McGee, Zach Manzella
Key Losses: Zach Carrick, Jeff Rashko
2016 JV Record: 2-6


The Lakemen return 10 starters on both sides of the ball for Bill Atlas. They have an excellent Lineman in Matt Lange. Other key players include Marcel Wilson, Drew Westmorland, Tanner Feeley, Tristan Gutherie, Tervor Zahno and Nicklus Streuber. The Lakemen play Silver Creek/Forestville in Week 1 and host Cleveland Hill in Week 2. Keys to the season will be play of the QB. The team should compete for playoff berth. Bill Atlas is in his 11th year as head coach of the Lakemen. The team will miss Jusin Daul.

Head Coach: Bill Atlas (31-57-0) 9 years
Assistant Coaches: Al Scarpine, Matt Faery
2016 Varsity Record: 4-5-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 10, Defense is 10.
Key Players: Marcel Wilson, Matt Lange, Matt Kitchko, Frank Dispenza, Freely Turner, Matt Daul, Nicklas Streuber, Jared Carney, Tristan Gutherie, Trevor Zahno
Key Losses: Justin Dawl, Ricky Covatta
2016 JV Record: 5-3


The Tigers look to improve on last season’s 2 win season. They have an All-WNY Candidate at LB/RB in Jacob Sarow, who rushed for 1,289 yards, 11TDs and recorded 56 tackles. Other key players include Robbie Pequeen, Derek Holtz, Dillon Adamczk, Grant Sundown, Moe Smith, Johnny Fiebelkorn, Jacob Sista and Brandon Orr. Returning are 7 starters on offense and 8 on defense. The team should improve this season. They play Barker/Roy-Hart and JFK in the first 2 games. In 2016, the defense yielded 253 points. Tigers must improve if they are to compete for a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Andrew Crouse (5-12-0) 2 Years
Assistant Coaches: Steve Patterson, Eric Gerstung
2016 Varsity Record: 2-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 7, Defense is 8.
Key Players: Jacob Sarow, Robbie Pequeen, Derek Holtz, Dillon Adamczak, Johnny Fiebelkorn, Jacob Sista, Brandon Orr
Key Losses: Austin Ladd, Michael James
2016 JV Record: N/A


The Raiders had a tough season with only 2 wins in 2016. Key players for Mike Alessi III include Colton Stetz, Jarrett Eck, Zak Decarolis, Sean Crowley and Patrick Cuddihy. Eck had 60 tackles and Stetz had 59. The two will provide the defensive spark. They open at Lake Shore in week 1 and have a tough matchup with Lackawanna in Week 2. The raiders gave up 35 points per game last season and must improve on defense if they are to compete for a playoff spot. They will have a new turf field for 2017. Keys to the season will be play of defense.

Head Coach: Mike Alessi III (2-6-0) 1 year
Assistant Coaches: Matt Haler, Nate Murray, Chris O’Connor, Paul Sanchez, Jimmy May IV
2016 Varsity Record: 2-6-0
Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 5.
Key Players: Zak Decarolis, Jarrett Eck, Colton Stetz, Patrick Cuddihy, Sean Crowley, Jacob Schultz, John Mark Emel, Louis Decarolis, Elyott Stappanback
Key Losses: Casey Bennett, Andrwe Bialy, Owen Krouse
2016 JV Record: 2-2


QB – James Balley, JFK
RB – Jacob Sarow, Akron
RB – Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill
RB – Jarrett Eck, Eden/North Collins
TE – David Grant, Cleveland Hill
WR – John Mark Emel, Eden/North Collins
WR – Tanner Feeley, Wilson
OL – Manny Al-Hemyari, Cleveland Hill
OL – Zachary Decarolls, Eden/North Collins
OL – Matt Lange, Wilson
OL – Sam Arrington, Cleveland Hill
RS – Demario Grant, Cleveland Hill

DL – Frank Dispenza, Wilson
DL – Jacob Schultz, Eden/North Collins
LB – Justin Bohrer, JFK
LB – Ryan Majerowski, Cleveland Hill
LB – Matt Kitchko, Wilson
LB – Jake Sarow, Akron
DB – Michael Clark, Cleveland Hill
DB – Marcel Wilson, Wilson
DB – Colton Stetz, Eden/North Collins
DB – Robbie Pequeen, Akron
U – Drew Westmoreland, Wilson

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