Cardinal O'Hara forfeited their game to Bishop Ireton from Virginia. Five of the six Msgr. Martin football teams lost with only St. Francis winning in week 1. 

It's been a long time since the three Williamsville schools lost in week 1. 

Major Upset: WNY Maritime defeating Cheektowaga in overtime.

Top Freshman: Rashad Perry, Bennett

Top Sophomore: Tyler Baker, Canisius

Top Junior: Mykell Hepburn, South Park

Top Senior: Zac Boyes, Kenmore West

The City of Buffalo teams won three games and lost two games in week 1. 

Why did several schools not have programs/rosters available to games in week 1? 

Dave Morgan, former St. Joe's Marauder transferred to Kenmore West. 

Top Teams After Week 1

Class AA: Lancaster, Orchard Park, Bennett, Jamestown

Class A-1: Kenmore West, McKinley, Niagara Wheatfield, West Seneca West

Class A-2: South Park, West Seneca East, Sweet Home, Starpoint

Class B-1: Pioneer, Cheektowaga, East Aurora/Holland

Class B-2: WNY Maritime, Maryvale, Iroquois

Class B-3: Albion, Lackawanna, Depew

Class B-4: Tonawanda, Newfane

Class C South: Southwestern, Fredonia, Portville

Class C North: Cleveland Hill, Wilson, Akron, JFK

Class D: CSP, Franklinvillel/Ellicottville, Randolph

Top Games For Week 2

Sweet Home at West Seneca East

Kenmore West at McKinley

Southwestern at Portville

Bennett at St. Joe's

Canisius at McDowell

Williamsville South at Starpont

Congratulations to Canisius and the coaching staff for winning the New York State 7 on 7 Passing Tournament Large School Division at Utica College.

Most Versatile Athlete: Zac Boyes, Kenmore West (playing football, golf, baseball and basketball)

Congratulations to Matt Myers, West Seneca West and 2017 WNY Player of the Year for being named the starting QB for the University of Buffalo for the 2019 season.

Player to Watch: Kross Rapini

Contender For Player of the Year: Savon Vansickle, Jamestown

Congratulations to Connor Desiderio, Maryvale, for his commitment to St. Bonaventure University to play baseball. The Flyer is an outstanding athlete.

Participation in boys 11-player football declined in 2018 by 30,829 to 1,006,013. It’s the lowest mark since the 1999-2000 season.

Blake Haubeil, All-State and All-American player from Canisius is the place kicker for Ohio State in the Buckeyes first game of 2019. The junior was 6 for 6 PATS and also booted a 46 yard field goal.

Solid Predictions for the 2019 Football Season

Cameron Barmore, CSP, will be an All-WNY and All-State first team player.

Canisius, St. Francis and St. Joe’s should be very competitive this season.

Connor Mahoney and Matt Marschner, Lancaster, will be All-WNY first team linebackers.

Rashad Perry, Bennett Freshman, will excel for the Tigers this season.

CSP has the best chance of repeating as a state champion.

Mike Glinski, West Seneca West senior LB, should earn first team All-WNY honors for the 3rd consecutive year.

Kraig Kurzanski, head football coach at Williamsville South, will not punt in any game this season.

St. Francis junior QB Jake Ritts will pass for the most yards and touchdowns for the 2nd consecutive season.

New Head Football Coaches

Springville – Mark Heichberger

Salamanca – Chad Bartoszek

Franklinville/Ellicottville – Jason Marsh

Chautauqua Lake – Bryan Bongiovani

Allegany-Limestone – Tom Callen

St. Mary’s – Matt Ard

WNY Maritime Charter School – Tyree Parker

McKinley – Brian Davis

NYS Football Classifications 2019

Class AA (1025 and above) – 70 schools

Class A (585-1024) – 91 schools

Class A (355-584) – 98 schools

Class C (230-354) – 81 schools

Class D (229 and below) – 43 schools

WNY High School Football 2019

Class AA – 9 teams

Class A – 16 teams

Class B – 20 teams

Class C – 13 teams

Class D – 5 teams

Notes: Section VI has the most teams in Class B

Canisius, St. Francis and St. Joe’s are classified as Class AA schools.

WNY Players at University of Buffalo

Dylan McDuffie, Sweet Home

Matt Myers, West Seneca West

Aaron Chase, Starpoint

Tajay Ahmed, Lockport

Max Bowden, Starpoint

Jake Fuzak, Williamsville South

Michael Kenefick, Canisius

Evin Ksiezarczyk, West Seneca East

Dan Kubik, Orchard Park

Jovany Ruiz, Fredonia

Ahmed Holloway, Clarence

Note: UB’s roster includes 99 players. WNY has 11 players on the Bulls football team.

Revised Section VI Football Schedule

Week 1 – CSP at Geneseo, Friday 9/6 at 7pm

Week 2 – Red Jackets at CV/Falconer, Saturday 9/14 at 2pm

Week 3 – Cattaraugus/LV at Perry, Friday 9/20 at 7pm

Week 4 – Randolph at Cuba Rushford, Friday 9/27 at 7pm

Week 5 – Bolivar-Richburg at Franklinville/Ellicottville, Friday 10/4 at 7pm

Week 6 – Salamanca at Clyde Savannah, Friday 10/11 at 6:30pm

Week 2 Predictions



West Seneca East

Grand Island

Williamsville South

West Seneca West

Kenmore West

Williamsville East


South Park


East Aurora/Holland




Cleveland Hill

Timon/St. Jude


Chautauqua Lake




Orchard Park






Williamsville North




St. Francis

Cardinal O’Hara

New 40 Second Play Clock Rule, Chain Crews & Ball Rotation

The Standard 25 Second play clock will be used: 

Following a touchback.
Following a charged time out by either team.
Following a penalty assessment and/or enforcement.
Following an official’s timeout for an injury to a player or “helmet off.”
Following a change of possession.
Following a media timeout.
Following an official’s timeout for measurement.
Following any other official’s timeout.
Following a touchdown for the try.
At the start of a period or overtime.

**Referee’s Discretion, 40 or 25

The New 40 Second play clock will be used: 

At the end of a running play that ends inbounds or out of bounds.
At the end of a pass play, whether the pass is incomplete or complete.
Following an official’s timeout for an injury to a player or “helmet off.”

**Referee’s Discretion, 40 or 25

The 40 second clock shall start as soon as the play ends and the ball is dead. The covering official raises his arm straight up indicating that the ball is dead, which signals for the start of the 40 second play clock.

If the play ends out of bounds, the official will signal to stop the game clock, which will also start the 40 second play clock.

The clock operator (or back judge) will immediately start the 40 second clock, unless something else occurs that requires the 25 second play clock to be used. The 40 second play clock will be used most of the time following a play.

If during the play a change of possession occurs, the covering official will not signal to start the 40 second play clock. The timeout signal will stop the game clock and the 25 second play clock will start on the referee’s ready for play signal.

On an incomplete pass, the covering official will give the incomplete pass signal, which will also start the 40 second play clock. If the incomplete pass is on the 4th down, the timeout signal will stop the game clock and the 25 second play clock will start on the referee’s ready for play signal.

It is going to be necessary to have well trained chain crew personnel provided by the home team.

As soon as a first down is signaled, the “box” person must hustle to the next spot, followed immediately by the rest of the chain crew. Stopping the game clock to signal first down will not cause the play clock to reset to 25 seconds, the 40 second play clock will be running.

The signal to reset the play clock to 25 seconds is one arm pumped in the air by the referee or the back judge.

The signal to reset the play clock to 40 seconds is both arms pumped in the air by the referee or the back judge.

It is expected that the ball will be marked ready for play (set on the ground by the umpire) within 8-10 seconds of the end of the play. The umpire will not stand over the ball waiting for the chains to be set where there is a first down. Once the officials are in position to officiate, the umpire will step away from the ball and the ball may be snapped. If they are not in position, the umpire will stand over the ball and prevent it from being snapped until he is released by the referee. 

Additionally if the 40 second play clock is used at the sub-varsity level, a 5 man crew must be used. The mechanics are inoperable with less than 5 crew members.