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Dick Gallagher's Sidelines - Week 3

Dick Gallagher gives his thoughts as we head into week 3 of the 2018 high school football season.
Credit: WGRZ
Dick Gallagher

Booster Club Presidents of the Week:

Celly McClelland, CSP

Phil Stasiak, Williamsville South

Academic Achievers of the Week:

Jordan Smouse, CSP (93 GPA)

Brian Martin, Lancaster (95 GPA)

Cory Day, Iroquois (3.9 GPA)

Matt Kovalski, Albion (95 GPA)

Clayton Osborne, Williamsville East (95.6 GPA)

Top Athletic Complex: Clarence

Referees of the Week:

Al “The Great” Fuller

Ken “The Zebra” Eddings

Top Band: Depew

Top Refreshment Stand: Jamestown

Top JV Program: Lancaster

Tackling Machine: Rashad Law, Maryvale

Assistant Coaches of the Week: Lancaster

Best Chain Crew: City of Buffalo

Top Ambassador: Ken Stoldt, Chairman Section VI Football Federation

Top Principal: Jake Taft, Lew-Port

Most Photogenic Player: Riley Wood, St. Joe’s

Most Media Friendly Football Program: Jamestown

Alumnus of the Week: Rob Gronkowski, Williamsville North

Question for the Week: Why do some in the media treat WNY high school athletes as second class citizens?

Best Dancer: D’Mario Grant, Cleveland Hill

Most Photogenic Coach: Glen Graham, Cleveland Hill

Superintendent of the Week: Ben Hasley, Pioneer

Best Team Nickname: “Red Devils” Clarence

Best Fan: Ken Hoffman

Worst Dancer: Mike Fatta, Cheektowaga

Best Uniform: Williamsville East

Class Act: Aaron Wahler, Cleveland Hill

Best Fans: Franklinville/Ellicottville

Best Dressed Coaches: Maryvale

Best Game Program: Williamsville South

Top Statistician: Derek Hill, Hamburg

Best Announcer: Jack Kreuzer, Cheektowaga

Best Trainer: Shane Cooney, Hamburg

Best Nickname: Jack “Cracker Jack” Putney, Clarence

Journalists of the Week:

Scott Kindred, Post-Journal

Dave Ricci, WNY Athletics

Best Restaurant: Roccos

Top Assistant to the Athletic Director: Jennifer Tatko, Pioneer

Best Comedian: Kyle Haettich, West Seneca West

Fastest Players of the Week:

Rashad Law, Maryvale

Brendan Gawel, Starpoint

Strongest Players of the Week:

Taige White, Jamestown

Dylan Kelly, Williamsville North

Tallest Player of the Week: Collin Beach, North Tonawanda

Photographer for the Week: Kathleen Kramer, Bee Publications

Best Mascot: Orchard Park

Top Quarterbacks:

Jack Putney, Clarence

Ja’kye Womack, Amherst

Top Running Backs:

Kaiyer Fields, McKinley

Javon Thomas, Cleveland Hill

Xzavier Janczylikst, St. Francis

Top Wide Receivers:

Alex Card, Southwestern

Max Bowman, Starpoint

Top Offensive Linemen:

Peyton Moreland, Dunkirk

Eric Schoen, St. Francis

Top Defensive Linemen:

Rob Giancarlo, Sweet Home

Stephen Boyd, Cardinal O’Hara

Top Linebackers:

Taivaughn Roach, Cheektowaga

Joel Nicholas, Canisius

Top Defensive Back:

Anthony McCarley, St. Joe’s

Faizon Munir, Southwestern

Top Kicker:

Jayden Schultz, Jamestown

Slogan for the Week: “Did you leave everything on the field?”


Keshone “Touchdown: Beal, Cheektowaga

Riley “Batman” Wood, St. Joseph’s

Steven “Crackerjack” Frerichs, Wilson

Ben “Superman” Schoenle, Canisius

Peyton “The Stork” Moreland, Dunkirk

Colton “Spunky” Stetz, Eden/North Collins

Brandon “The Fonz” Watkins, Allegany-Limestone

Joe “Sparky” Stewart, Kenmore West

Predictions Week 3

Niagara Wheatfield

Orchard Park


Williamsville North

West Seneca West

Sweet Home


North Tonawanda

South park

West Seneca East


Lake Shore







Cleveland Hill


Silver Creek/Forestville



Chautauqua Lake


Maple Grove

Niagara Falls







St. Joe’s

St. Francis

Timon/St. Jude

Commentary by Dick Gallagher

Let Your Children Enjoy the Journey of Playing Sports

Many parents become delusional and out of control in youth sports because they think their child is going to become a star and play a professional sport. Some scream, belittle officials, complain about the coaches and generally become a nuisance and embarrass themselves, their children and their family. For a look at reality consider the following:

Less than 1 in 35 or approximately 2.9 percent of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball will go on to play men’s basketball at an NCAA member institution. Less than 1 in 75 or approximately 1.3 percent of NCAA male senior basketball players will be drafted by an NBA team. Approximately 1 in 3,400 or 0.03 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic basketball eventually will be drafted by an NBA team.

Approximately 1 in 17 or 5.8 percent of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will go on to play football at an NCAA member institution. Approximately 1 in 50 or about 2 percent of NCAA senior football players will be drafted by an NFL team. Approximately 1 in 1,000 or 0.09 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will eventually be drafted by an NFL team.

Less than 3 in 50 or about 5.6 percent of high school senior boys interscholastic baseball players will go on to play baseball at an NCAA member institution. Less than 11 in 100 or about 10.5 percent of NCAA senior baseball players will be drafted by an MLB team. Approximately 1 in 200 or about 0.05 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic baseball eventually will be drafted by an MLB team.

These statistics speak for themselves. If you want your child to enjoy participating in sports, don’t place undue pressure on him or her. In addition, don’t try to force your child into sports because you are trying to live your life vicariously through your children. Let your children enjoy the journey of sports. They will appreciate it very much and it will have a positive impact on their growth and development.

Questions for Student Athletes?

What level of college football do you expect to play?

What are your attributes?

What is your work ethic?

Do you have a passion for the game?

How much time do you spend for academics?

What is your workout program?

Do you have high expectations?

How much time do you give to academics?

Canisius Alumni in Division I Schools

Blake Haubeil, Ohio State – K

Qadree Ollison, Pittsburgh – RB

Josh Huffman, Maine – DB

TJ Wheatley, Stony Point – TW

Michael Kenefick, Buffalo – OL

Ryan Richards, Robert Morris – DB

Chris Gangarossa, Wagner – OL

RJ Brandon, Dartmouth – WR

Michael Tarbutt, Connecticut – K

RJ Brandon, Canisius – K

Kenyatta Huston, Central Connecticut State

Paul Woods, Rutgers – WR

Augie Touris, Central Connecticut State – TW

Cole Burniston, University at Buffalo – TE

RJ Brandon, Dartmouth – WR

Giovanni Gilchrist – Howard – DB

Concussion Rates Per Sport

The amount of sports concussions taking place for 100,000 athletic exposures is as follows:

Football – 64.76%

Boys Ice Hockey – 54%

Girls Soccer – 33%

Boys Lacrosse – 40-46.6%

Girls Lacrosse – 31-35%

Boys Soccer – 19.2%

Wrestling – 22-23.9%

Players Please Be Advised:

Any players displaying poor sportsmanship during the season will NOT be invited to the WNY High School Football Awards Banquet in December. Also keep I mind that if you are ejected from a game you automatically have to sit out the next game.

National High School Football Records:

Career Passing Yardage: 18,932 - Maty Mawk Kenton, Ohio

Season Passing Yardage: 6,540 – Ben Mawk Kenton, Ohio

Single Game Passing Yardage: 837 – Will Grier Davidson Day, NC

Answers to Quiz from Week 2:

  1. Jake Sisson – Jamestown and Chad Kelly – St. Joes
  2. Randolph Five
  3. Tyree Brown – South Park 2014
  4. Aaron Leeper – Jamestown, 47 TD’s
  5. Chris Doubek – Randolph
  6. Blake Haubeil and Mike Tarbutt, Canisius
  7. Zak Trim, Maple Grove 184
  8. Ray Braxton, Lackawanna and Isaiah McDuffie, Bennett
  9. Rayshawn Bolden, JFK 304 yds and Joe Belforti, Maple Grove 300 yds
  10. Jehuu Caulcrick, Clymer 7016 points (191 TD’s, 35 extra points, 2 PT conversion and 1 FG)

Top Games Week 4

Clarence @ Lancaster

Pinoeer @ Cheektowaga

Iroquois @ Maryvale

Starpoint @ West Seneca East

Niagara Wheatfield @ Jamestown

Lew-Port Cheerleaders


Coach Linda D’Anna

Chloe Noah, 12, Base

Angelina Steffan, 12, Back

Allura Taylor, 12, Base

Lily Traver, 12, Back

Hannah Ullery, 12, Back

Alex Washburn, 12, Flyer

Morgan Washburn, 12, Flyer

Kaia Jones, 11, Base

Helen Moseley, 11, Base

Alyssa Redmond, 11, Base

Kaydence, 11, Base

Taylor Ferguson, 10, Flyer

Maddie Terrana, 10, Base


Coach Megan Bimont

Makenna Barrientos, 9

Keicey Doyle, 10

Maggie Fideli, 9

Miya Hargis, 9

Morgyn Jowett, 10

Tiana Ponticelli, 9

Redmond, 8

Aleena Rydelek, 8

Alexa Scipione, 9

Cassady Skellen, 10