1. Williamsville North

2. Lancaster

3. Clarence

4. Orchard Park

5. Hutch-Tech

6. Bennett

7. Niagara Falls

8. Lockport

Offensive Players of the Year:

Joe Nusall, Williamsville North

Jack Sharp, Orchard Park

Malik Brooks, Lockport

Jack Putney, Clarence

Defensive Players of the Year:

Scott Becht, Williamsville North

Dylan Kelly, Williamsville North

Jon Stevens, Clarence

Emmanuel Geegba, Hutch-Tech

Linemen of the Year:

Alex Westcott, Orchard Park

Josh Walter, Williamsville North

Max Anderson, Hutch-Tech

Unsung Players of the Year:

Conor Mahoney, Lancaster

Michael Pataky, Orchard Park

Semja Clemons, Bennett

Underclassmen of the Year:

Jack Sharp, Orchard Park

Joseph Dixon, Niagara Falls

Mason Davis, Clarence

Scott Hopkins, Williamsville North

Zach Norton, Clarence

Strongest Player: Dylan Kelly, Williamsville North

Fastest Player: Malik Brooks, Lockport

Top Scholar Athlete: Jon Stevens, Clarence

Most Versatile Athletes: Jack Putney, Jon Stevens, Dylan Kelly


Mike Mammoliti returns 15 starters from last year’s 9-1 team. Spartans will compete for league and sectional titles. They had 16 players graduate from the 2017 team. Offense to be sparked by Joe Nusall, Dylan Kelly, Scott Hopkins, and Mike Cabra. Line to be anchored by Greg Poland, Nick Maniscalco, and Josh Walter. Defense to be led by Kelly, Scott Becht, Hopkins, and Jayden Rynkiewicz. The Spartans open with Williamsville East and Clarence in the first 2 games. They added Elijah Carney who was a transfer from Kenmore West. Key to the season will be to avoid turnovers and penalties. Nusall and Kelly form one of the top passing combinations in Western New York. The loss of Jake Orlando to an ACL injury is a tough one for the Spartans.

Head Coach: Mike Mammolili (77-76-0, 17 years)

Assistant Coaches: Ron Luders, Paul Palizay, Brandon Sanders, Steve Nappo, Dan Kelly

2017 Varsity Record: 9-1-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 8. Defense is 7.

Key Players: Dylan Kelly, Joe Nusall, Scott Hopkins, Scott Becht, Nick Maniscalco, Jayden Rynkiewicz, Greg Poland, Josh Walter, Elijah Carney, Mike Cabra

Key Losses: Eddie Bianco, Cameron Walter, Nicholas Hutson, Brett Isler, Vinny Catanzaro

2017 JV Record: 4-3-0


The Legends have dominated opponents in the past 2 seasons with a 22-2 record including 2 sectional titles and runner-up in the state championship. Eric Rupp returns 4 on offense and 3 on defense. Key players will be Brian Martin, Coner Mahoney, David Gaca, Nick Meara, and Dominic Chiarmonte. They will compete for league and sectional titles. JVs are 16-2 in the past 2 years. Jason Mansell and Gianiuca Fuicinitti will be competing for QB position. They open with Lockport and will play at Orchard Park in week 8. Legends are 28-5 for the past 3 years. Key to the season will be the play of the QB and line. 26 seniors graduated from the 2017 season.

Head Coach: Eric Rupp (22-2-0, 2 years)

Assistant Coaches: Dave Mansell, Brian Wild, Sean Bruso, Scott Guenther

2017 Varsity Record: 12-1-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 4, Defense is 3.

Key Players: Conor Mahony, David Gaca, Nick Meara, Brian Martin, Shawn Davis, Dominic Chiarmonte

Key Losses: Joe Andreessen, Ryan Mansell, Max Giordano, Andrew Hersey, Benjamin Mazur, Brett Betow, Kyle Backert

2017 JV Record: 8-1-0


Paul Burgio returns 7 starters on both sides of the ball led by All-WNY candidates Jon Stevens, Jack Putney, and Zach Norton. They should provide the offensive spark while Stevens, Ryan Culhane, Mason Davis, and Slade Murphy will lead the defense. Jacob Sweeney, Jacob Joerger, and Anthony Sweeney will anchor the line. Putney and Stevens will form one of the top passing combinations. JVs are 15-2-1 in the past 2 seasons. The Red Devils will be competing for league and sectional championships. They open with Kenmore West and have tough matchups in week 2 hosting Williamsville North. Key to the season will be play of line and defense. Red Devils had 20 players from last year’s team graduate

Head Coach: Paul Burgio (6-3-0, 1 year)

Assistant Coaches: Brendan Brady, Tim Myslinski, Brian Maley, Kurt Diesfeld, Frank Payne, Derek Kise, Jeff Barrett, Doug Rifenburg, Bo Izydorczak, Mark Kensy

2017 Varsity Record: 6-3-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 7, Defense is 7.

Key Players: Jack Putney, Jon Stephens, Mason Davis, Zach Norton, Ryan Culhane, Slade Murphy, Quinten Burke, Jacob Sweeney, Anthony Sweeney, Casey Esch, Jacob Joerger

Key Losses: Yianni Hallios, Jacob Reger, Brendon Cimerman, Ahmad Holloway

2017 JV Record: 7-0-1


Quakers look to rebound from a rare losing season. Craig Dana takes over the helm from Gene Tundo. Offense can be explosive with junior QB Jack Sharp, Mike Pataky, and Archie Bartolotti. Line will be anchored by Alex Westcott, Kobe York, and Matt Wagner. Defense will be led by Andrew Relosky, Pataky and Westcott. Talent from last year’s 7-1 JV team will help this year’s squad. Graduated 22 players from the 2017 team. They open with McKinley and Niagara Falls and host Lancaster in week 8. Key to the season will be the play of the line. They will compete for league and sectional titles. Michael Pataky and Andrew Relosky led the Quakers’ defense in 2017 with 46 and 40 tackles.

Head Coach: Craig Dana (first year)

Assistant Coaches: Chuck Senn, Mike Cieslik, Todd Ellman, Scott Sullivan

2017 Varsity Record: 4-5-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 4.

Key Players: Jack Sharp, Mike Pataky, Alex Westcott, Archie Bartolotti, Andrew Relosky, Matt Wagner, Kobe York, Brendan Kearns, Ben Domagalsk, Brad Bauer, Bradley Flower, Jonathan Lander, Steven Kulikowsky, Jacob Strycharz, Jordan Prince, Louis Irizarry, Jordan Prince

Key Losses: Nic Bruce, Brian Strybel, Dylan Bieler, Ryne Dietz, Noah Bieler

2017 JV Record: 7-1-0


Nick Todaro takes over at head coach from Chris Gelsomino. Returns 16 starters from the 2017 team led by All-WNY candidates Max Anderson, Emmanual Geegba, Michael Woodruff, Anthony Whitfield, Diran Jones, and David Bradshaw. 15 players graduated from last year’s squad. Line will be anchored by Max Anderson, Mazion Bates, and Michael Woodruff. Key to the season will be the play of the QB. They open at Williamsville South and play Lancaster in week 2. They will compete for a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Nick Todaro (4-6-0, 1 year)

Assistant Coaches: Tom Jost, Eric Clark

2017 Varsity Record: 4-6-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 9, Defense is 7.

Key Players: Mazion Bates, Emmanuel Geegba, Michael Woodruff, David Bradshaw, Anthony Whitfield, Darion Jones, Max Anderson, Otis Houston, Jayden Robinson, Xavion Baines

Key Losses: Rodney Bailey, Josh Horton

2017 JV Record: 6-3-0


Tigers look to improve on 4-4 record. They only had 9 players graduate from the 2017 team. Key players include Semja Clemons who is a candidate for 1000 yards rushing, Justin Campbell, Jordan Fayson, Austin Grimes, and Aaron Smith. They host St. Joe’s in week 1 and Lockport in week 2. They will be competitive and compete for a playoff berth. D’Jae Perry who transferred from St. Mary’s will help Steve McDuffie’s squad.

Head Coach: Steve McDuffie (41-24-0, 7 years)

Assistant Coaches: Teddy McDuffie, Aaron Young, Alejandro Overton, Landrey Mack, Arthur Jordan

2017 Varsity Record: 4-4-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 6.

Key Players: Justin Campbell, Jordan Fayson, Austin Grimes, Aaron Smith, Semja Clemons, D’Jae Perry

Key Losses: Joel Richards, Brandon Barksdale, Donovan Queeno


Wolverines look to improve on last year’s record. Sophomore Joseph Dixon takes over at QB while other key players include Moran Montgomery, Willie “The Jet” MacDougal, Marcus Wilkins, and Jamel Oliver. 23 players graduated from the 2017 team and Don Bass only returns 4 starters. He has a young team. They have tough matchups in the first 2 weeks with South Park and Orchard Park and could struggle this season.

Head Coach: Don Bass (37-49-0, 10 years)

Assistant Coaches: Jon Robins, Doug Howard, Charlie Ashker, Eric Dixon, Rich Posey, Mannie Lewis

2017 Varsity Record: 4-5-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 2, Defense is 2.

Key Players: Willie MacDougal, Moran Montgomery, Jamel Oliver, Brandon Bivins, Marcus Wilkins, Kalem Chappell, Sishaun Miller, Mike Jones, Joseph Dixon

Key Losses: Rodney Barnes, Syveon Ralands, Syquan Ralands, Rashad Greene, David Morgan

2017 JV Record: 5-3


Lions look to get back in the win column after last year’s winless season. They have an Al-WNY candidate and a track star in Malik Brooks. Other key players include Josh Cooper, AJ Hill, Santino Drake, Jon Anthony Perez and Cullen Snyder. 21 players graduated from the 2017 team. Key to the season will be the play of the QB and line. They have a tough matchup in week 1 at Lancaster and play Bennett in week 2. It’s tough schedule for the Lions. They could struggle again this season. Brooks is an outstanding athlete and is a candidate for 1000 yards rushing. Matt Vermette has resigned as head coach and Trait Smith is the new coach.

Head Coach: Trait Smith (first year)

Assistant Coaches: Dan Barrancotta, Greg Wilson

2017 Varsity Record: 0-8-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 4.

Key Players: Josh Cooper, Malik Brooks, Cullen Snyder, Jon Anthony Perez, Santino Drake, Nilo Haney, AJ Hill

Key Losses: Xavier Barber, Jason Robillard, Issac Drake

2017 JV Record: 2-6-0



QB – Jack Putney, Clarence

QB – Jack Sharp, Orchard Park

QB – Joe Nusall, Williamsville North

RB – Michael Pataky, Orchard Park

RB – Semja Clemons, Bennett

RB – Zach Norton, Clarence

TE – Brian Martin, Lancaster

WR – Dylan Kelly, Williamsville North

WR – Archie Bartolotti, Orchard Park

OL – Max Anderson, Hutch-Tech

OL – Josh Walter, Williamsville North

OL – David Gaca, Lancaster

OL – Nick Maniscalco, Williamsville North

OL – Jaden Rynkiewicz, Williamsville North

U – Andrew Relosky, Orchard Park

RS – Mason Davis, Clarence

RS – Cullen Snyder, Lockport

RS – Anthony Whitfield, Hutch-Tech


DL – Alex Westcott, Orchard Park

DL – Greg Poland, Williamsville North

DL – Conor Mahony, Lancaster

DL – Ryan Culhane, Clarence

DL – Dominic Chiarmonte, Lancaster

LB – Scott Becht, Williamsville North

LB – Emmanuel Geegba, Hutch-Tech

LB – Mike Cabra, Williamsville North

LB – Scott Hopkins, Williamsville North

LB – Mason Davis, Clarence

DB – Jon Stephens, Clarence

DB – Malik Brooks, Lockport

DB – Moran Montgomery, Niagara Falls

DB – Jordan Fayson, Bennett

DB – Shawn Davis, Lancaster

RS – Nick Meara, Lancaster

RS – Santino Drake, Lockport

RS – Willie McDouglad, Niagara Falls