1. Sweet Home

2. Grand Island

3. Williamsville East

4. North Tonawanda

5. McKinley

6. Kenmore East

Offensive Players of the Year:

Cam Sionko – Grand Island

Maurice Robertson – Sweet Home

Colson Skorka – Williamsville East

Kaiyer Fields - McKinley

Defensive Players of the Year:

Matthew Monge – North Tonawanda

JJ Wilkes – Grand Island

Rob Giancola – Sweet Home

Linemen of the Year:

Rob Giancarlo – Sweet Home

Ajay Chima – Williamsville East

Keith Murphy – Sweet Home

Unsung Players of the Year:

Shaun Johnson – Kenmore East

Parker Evans – Williamsville East

Cajon Caurthon – McKinley

Underclassmen of the Year:

Manual Wright – McKinley

Jimmy Griffo – Sweet Home

Strongest Player:

Jake Meyers – North Tonawanda

Fastest Player:

Maurice Robertson – Sweet Home

Top Scholar Athlete:

Rob Giancarlo – Sweet Home

Most Versatile Athletes:

Maurice Robertson – Sweet Home

Cam Sionko – Grand Island


Jeremy Zimmer, long time coach for Panthers, takes over for Rich Lowe as head coach and Lowe is now an assistant. Returning are 16 starters led by All-WNY candidates Maurice Robertson who’s being recruited UB, Wagner and Bryant. Rob Giancarlo is being recruited by Princeton, Harvard and Cornell. Other key players include Keith Murphy and Vlad Kovalchuch who will anchor the defense with Giancarlo; Adam Laboy and Kala Oberlander will compete for league and sectional titles. Offensive line will be strength as all starters return. Sweet Home will host the Lumberjacks in week 1 and play the Vikings in week 2. Panthers graduated 12 from last year’s squad and Taivon Martin has transferred to McKinley.

Head Coach: Jeremy Zimmer (1st Year)

Assistant Coaches: Rich Lowe, Cory Mitchum

2017 Varsity Record: 5-4-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 9. Defense is 7.

Key Players: Keith Murphy, Maurice Robertson, Rob Giancarlo, Jimmy Griffo, Josh Rose, Adam Laboy, Sam Ruby, Vlad Kovalchuck, Kala Oberlander, Mike Lisman

Key Losses: Joe Torrillo, Clayton Osborne, Colson Skorka

2017 JV Record: 6-5-0


Vikings mad the playoffs in 2017 and Dean Santorio has quality players returning in QB Cam Sionko who accounted for 1,378 yards and 16 TD’s as a junior,Jeremiah Wilkes and Easton Spur. Will contest for league title. Grand Island graduated 13 players from last year’s team. The Vikings will host Starpoint in week 1 and play their first three games at home. In week 3 they play Sweet Home which should have implications on determining league champ. Key to the season will be play of line. Santorio has won 102 games in 17 years.

Head Coach: Dean Santorio (102-57-0, 17 years)

Assistant Coaches: Steve Steck, Mike Stauffer

2017 Varsity Record: 6-2

Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 6.

Key Players: Cam Sionko, Jeremiah Wilkes, Easton Speer, Anthony Seifert, Henry Grunzweig, Kenny Yackey, Justin Gorrell, Ryan Jellinick, Josh Oursler, Blake Bielec, Hayden Backlund, Ben Moskala, Jack Dlugokinski

Key Losses: Zane Johnson, Tom Cecere, Jay Breeden, Frank Debalma, Nick Anzalone

2017 JV Record: ​​​​​​​7-1


The Flames surprised in 2017 by making the playoffs in Mike Torrillo’s first year as head coach. Twelve starters are returning. The offense is to be led by Colson Skorka and Clayton Osbourne while defense to be anchored by Ajay Chima, Ben Morakis and John Moran. The line will be anchored by Chima, Parker Evans, Parker McDermott and Andrew Orsini. The Flames will have a tough match-up in week 1 hosting the Spartans. The Flames graduated 12 seniors from last year’s team. They will miss Joey Shifflet and Nick Kieffer and will compete for playoff berth.

Head Coach: Mike Torrillo (4-4-0, 1 year)

Assistant Coaches: Rob Westmiller, Doug Buczak, Rick Ruggiero, Dan Tryon

2017 Varsity Record: 4-4-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 6, Defense is 6.

Key Players: Parker Evans, John Moran, Colson Skorka, Clayton Osborne, Parker McDermott, Andrew Orsini, Ajay Chima, Ben Murakis, John Orfanides, Jordan Sherman, Dominic Picillo.

Key Losses: Kevin Steele, Dan Wagner, Joe Shifflet, Cameron Williams, Nick Kieffer

2017 JV Record: 2-6-0


The Macks look forward to improve on last year’s 4-win season. Twenty-two players graduated from the 2017 team. All-WNY candidates include Taivon Martin, a transfer from Sweet Home, Kaiyer Fields who is a candidate for 1,000 yard rushing. The key to the season will be play of line. The Macks have tough match-ups in the first two games with Orchard Park and Grand Island. They will compete for a play-off berth.

Head Coach: unknown

Assistant Coaches: Lenny Dowell, Ron Callea, Micah Harris, Markelll Milton, Al Townsend

2017 Varsity Record: 4-6-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 4.

Key Players: Kaiyer Fields, Cajon Caurthon, Manvel Wright

Key Losses: Brandon McKinney, Taelon Hollamon, Miles Haynes


Eric Jantzi returns to North Tonawanda needing only 3 more wins to reach the coveted 100 victories as head coach. NT will look to improve on last year’s 3-win season. Offense to be sparked by Javiante Baldon, Anthony Sims and Cameron Holmes. Defense to be anchored by Matt Monge. The Lumberjacks could compete for a playoff berth. The key to the season will be play of QB. They open at Niagara Wheatfield and Sweet Home for their first two weeks. Monge is an All-WNY candidate. Nineteen seniors graduated from 2017 team.

Head Coach: Eric Jantzi (97-30-0, 13 years)

Assistant Coaches: Rick Tomm, Chris Cook, Corey Zayatz, Darrik Bloomfield, Eric O’Bryan, Ryan Mountain

2017 Varsity Record: 3-5-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 6.

Key Players: Matthew Monge, James Holler, Jake Meyers, Collin Beach, Javiante Baldon, Connor DeVantier, Anthony Sims, Cameron Holmes, Tim Osborn

Key Losses: Jordan Holmes, Kyle McNeill, Dylan Normadin, Sean Ferry

2017 JV Record: 3-5-0


The Bulldogs have struggled for the past two seasons with only 3 wins. Talent from the 6-1 JV team will help Pat Veltri’s squad. Five starters will return on both sides of the ball. Key players include QB Nate Murdie, Danzo Young, Nick Coburn and Dominic Ferguson. The Bulldogs host Amherst in week 1 and play Williamsville East in week 2. Key to the season will be play of line and defense and team should improve.

Head Coach: Pat Veltri (3-24-0, 3 years)

Assistant Coaches: Brian Hillman, Keith Brophy, Mike Panepinto, Jim Hersey, Anthony Matthews.

2017 Varsity Record: 2-7-0

Starters Returning: Offense is 5, Defense is 5.

Key Players: Nathan Murdie, Danzo Young, Nick Coburn, Dominic Ferguson

Key Losses: Kahill O’Neil, Derek Simons, Stephen Hark

2017 JV Record: 6-1-0



QB – Cam Sionko, Grand Island

QB – Maurice Robertson, Sweet Home

RB – Kaiyer Fields, McKinley

RB – Javiante Baldon, North Tonawanda

RB – Sam Roby, Sweet Home

WR – Trivonn Martin, McKinley

WR – Anthony Sims, North Tonawanda

OL – Keith Murphy, Sweet Home

OL – James Holler, North Tonawanda

OL – Anthony Seifert, Grand Island

OL – Parker Evans, Williamsville East

OL – Adam Laboy, Sweet Home

OL – Jake Meyers, North Tonawanda

K – Connor DeVaqntier, North Tonawanda

RS – Danzo Young, Kenmore East

RS – Manuel Wright, McKinley


DL – Rob Giancola, Sweet Home

DL – Jeremiah Wilkes, Grand Island

DL – Ajay Chima, Williamsville East

LB – Ben Morakis, Williamsville East

LB – Vlad Kovalchuck, Sweet Home

LB – Matthew Monge, North Tonawanda

LB – Ahmen Lester, McKinley

DB – Colson Skorka, Williamsville East

DB – Nate Murdie, Kenmore East

U – Cajon Caurthon, McKinley