ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — Bills Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll likes what he sees from second-year quarterback Josh Allen.

Daboll said Allen has grown a lot from his rookie year into this season. 

"He's grown mentally, physically, off the field, on the field as a leader and again, it's a short time. There's only been three OTAs," Daboll said. "He's been really helpful for all the new guys, whether it's the rookies or the new guys we've signed, trying to build relationships with them and grow off the field as well as on the field." 

Daboll said there have been times when he's told Allen to call plays for the offense.

He says while there is no depth chart at this time of year, it is good for Allen that he is taking reps with the guys he will be out there playing with. In Allen's rookie year he didn't get nearly as many reps with the three-way competition for the starting quarterback spot.