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What Academic Preparations Should I Consider?

What you’re doing now will affect everything you do later. Beginning in 9th-grade, all courses, grades, and credits become part of your transcript (an official document detailing your academic achievement in high school). College admissions professionals make most of their decisions based on the information contained on your transcript, so it’s crucial that you make the most of your time in school by taking challenging courses, earning the bestco grades possible, and developing good study skills.

Note that all colleges have different entrance requirements. But in order to keep all options open, we recommend you take the following courses in high school:


Four years of composition and literature designed for college preparatory students.


Algebra, geometry, and algebra II. Pre-calculus is also recommended if you are a strong math student and if pre-calculus is required for your chosen college major.


Earth science, biology, and chemistry. Physics is also recommended if you are a strong science student and if physics is required for your chosen college major.

Foreign Language

Three years of the same foreign language.

Elective Area

Technology, business, fine or performing arts, or other courses to supplement your schedule.