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Success Has No Gender

Undecided students are encouraged to explore their options. Can a woman succeed in a technical career? You bet! We have a supportive community to help female students thrive and 100+ clubs available including one dedicated to women engineers. Can a male student become a successful nurse or veterinary technician? Absolutely. Faculty advisors and mentors are also available to support students choosing nontraditional careers.

The US Department of Labor defines a nontraditional career as any occupation in which one gender comprises less than 25 percent of the employment within that field. Over the years, traditional gender roles have limited the perception of job opportunities; therefore, men and women are often unaware of the variety of alternatives available to them.

Benefits of Nontraditional Careers

  1. Salaries – Many nontraditional careers have higher salaries compared to other occupations that may require the same level of education.
  2. Skills – Nontraditional careers often require specialized training, which promotes the development of a unique set of skills that make you more valuable in the workforce.
  3. Equality – By breaking down barriers and stereotypes, choosing a nontraditional career may open the door even further for future generations.
  4. Opportunities – Nontraditional workers are often joining the workforce in high-growth sectors such as business, computers, healthcare, and science. Many of our degrees have more employers hiring than we have graduates.
  5. Satisfaction – Careers chosen for an individual’s personal preferences, strengths, and characteristics tend to increase job satisfaction. Find the job that is right for you.

Nontraditional Majors for Females Include:

Raean: Electrical Construction & Maintenance

  • Agricultural Business (AAS)
  • Agricultural Technology (AAS)
  • Autobody Repair (AOS)
  • Automotive Service Technician (AOS)
  • Building Trades: Building Construction (AOS)
  • Computer Engineering Technology (BS)
  • Construction Engineering Technology (AAS)
  • Construction Management (BS)
  • Construction Supervision (BTech)
  • Culinary Arts (AOS)
  • Culinary Arts: Baking, Production and Mgmt. (AOS)
  • Cyber Security (BTech)
  • Electrical Const. and Maintenance Electrician (AOS)
  • Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS, BS)
  • Environmental Technology (AAS)
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (AOS)
  • Heavy Equipment Operations (AOS)
  • Heavy Equipment, Truck and Diesel Technician (AOS)
  • Machine Tool Technology (AOS)
  • STEM – Architectural Technology (AAS)
  • STEM – Computer Engineering Technology (BS, AAS)
  • STEM – Computer Information Systems (AAS)
  • STEM – IT: Applications Software Development (BTech)
  • STEM – IT: Network Administration (BTech)
  • STEM – IT: Web Development (BTech)
  • STEM – Mechanical Engineering Technology (AAS, BS)
  • STEM – Surveying & Geomatics Engineering Technology (BS)
  • STEM - Surveying Engineering Technology (AAS)
  • Welding Technology (AOS)

Nontraditional Majors for Males Include:

  • Accounting (AAS)
  • Court and Realtime Reporting (AAS)
  • Health Information Technology (AAS)
  • Nursing (AAS)
  • Nursing (BS)
  • Nursing Dual Degree (AAS/BSN)
  • Veterinary Technology (AAS)