GREENSBORO, NC -- Count me as one of the many millions of people who have ordered a few (wink, wink) items from for the holiday. So, if you get an email that tells you there is something wrong with your order and it can't be shipped, you're likely to want to fix the issue quickly. Scammers are counting on it.

Lechelle Yates from the Better Business Bureau says the Amazon shipping scam can easily fool you. First is the email with the subject line: Your order cannot be shipped. The body of the email tells you to click a link to confirm your information.

"The landing page looks really good. It could easily fool you. The page wants your full name and address. But worse, it wants your credit card information including your CVV, your three digit security code on the back. "

The scammers are so good, the next page is the real So, you need to know the tip-offs:

Subject line: Your order cannot be shipped

Check the sender's name. Usually it's a company versus Amazon.

"Never, never, never click the link that is provided in an email. Always go to the website directly." In this case, when you go to and log into your account, click the ORDERS tab. If you aren't prompted to update your billing info, then the email you got is not from Amazon.

If you do get this bogus email, wants to know about it. You can report an issue or verify if the email you received is real.