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VERIFY: What we know about COVID vaccination site at Buffalo Convention Center

We're looking into a viewer's question about appointment availability.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — We've gotten many questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. A lot of them have to do with where you can make appointments to get it.

2 On Your Side is verifying information about the future mass vaccination site at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center after getting an email from a viewer asking about vaccine appointments there.

Maryann L. asked 2 On Your Side's Kelly Dudzik, "Aren't some going to be available tomorrow in Buffalo at the Convention Center? Thanks."

She sent that email to us Tuesday morning. The Convention Center vaccination site is not open yet.

To verify that, and what we do know so far about that future clinic, our source is Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, who held his weekly COVID-19 press briefing Tuesday. 

"The Convention Center is not open. I heard there was some false information that was shared about both the Convention Center and the Delavan Grider site this past weekend. If you see it from a friend on social media, if Aunt Jenny posts it, it might not be right," Poloncarz said.

2 On Your Side viewers with certain medical conditions had issues scheduling appointments using the state's website over the weekend. BUFFALO, N.Y. - People with certain medical conditions can now make vaccine appointments in New York State, but 2 On Your Side received several emails over the weekend from viewers saying they were having problems with the state's vaccine website.

Poloncarz confirms that there is no date set for the Convention Center vaccination site to open yet.

"That is when mass doses will be available. Three-thousand or more a day, and I can tell you right now, when it comes to Erie County's allocation, we're getting like 3,000 for the whole week right now. So, we're not going to be opening up the Convention Center until we get enough doses to basically have 20,000-plus doses for the county so that we can do it as a mass site. We are talking with New York State about the logistics associated with it, but if anybody thinks that the Convention Center site is open, they can go knock on the door. They won't find anybody there because the place is closed," Poloncarz said.

So we can verify that what Maryann heard is false, the Convention Center clinic is not open yet. 

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