BUFFALO, N.Y. - Downtown Buffalo has a newly designated area that recognizes the city's rich literary history, and within it, is a place that promotes, encourages and celebrates the power of the written word.

If you've been down Washington Street in the city of Buffalo lately then you've probably seen one of the "Lit City" banners. It is designating Washington Street as the Literary Corridor in Buffalo. And the group responsible for making that happen is the Just Buffalo Literary Center.

Its Executive Director is Laurie Dean Torrell.

"At 'Just Buffalo' we believe in the "love of reading," the art of writing, and the power of the literary arts to change individual lives and communities. And to bring that mission to life in the community, we offer an array of programs every seasons," said Torrell.

Just Buffalo Literary Center started with a group poetry reading 40 years ago, and it is now the heart of Buffalo’s literary community.

To learn more about the Just Buffalo Literary Center you can visit their website at www.justbuffalo.org

Click here to watch a short video on the center.

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