BUFFALO, NY - dPost has 2,000 square feet of studio space that could easily and literally be turned into anything a creative director can think up.

“Commercial production is on the rise here in Buffalo,” says Beth Donovan, communications director for dPost.

Nestled in an inconspicuous building on the 600 block of Main Street, dPost has been creating big market quality productions in the Queen City for nearly two decades.

“dPost started as a post production company," said Donovan. "Handling the editorial finish work for broadcast commercials and corporate videos and corporate presentations."

The production house has expanded in recent years into the realm of animation and special effects as technology has made it more affordable for companies like dPost to expand. And in the last year the company built large studio cyc and green screen space.

This full service production company features a staff entirely made of local editors, visual effects artists and sound designers. All of which went to school in Buffalo for jobs normally suited for Manhattan or Hollywood.

“They’re really at the cutting edge of all things production and post production," said Donovan. "We always have that as a great resource. They’re constantly teaching us things. They’re at the foundation of what dPost is all about.”

That foundation of local talent is creating some high quality work for clients all over the world. But convincing prospective clients that Buffalo can stand alongside the mad men of Manhattan and L.A. is a whole different challenge.

“We’re fighting geographical profiling all the time, we hear it all the time," Beth explained.

With the addition of this unique studio cyc and green screen space dPost can provide a facility that would impress even the largest client.

“Our vision is to grow dpost so it enhances the advertising community here in Western New York and helps make Buffalo a destination”