BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and leaders from his Public Works Department on Friday released the list of projects that are part of the first round of infrastructure repairs for 2017.

As for roads, major repairs or replacement work will be done on parts of the following roads, totaling about 20 lane miles:

  • Springville Boston Road in the Town of Concord
  • Route 240 in the Town of Colden
  • Goodrich Road in the Town of Clarence
  • Lake Avenue in the Village of Blasdell
  • Maple Street in the Town of Elma
  • Old Lake Shore Road in the Town of Hamburg
  • Maple Road in the Town of Amherst
  • Lake Street in the Town of Evans

Many culverts will also be replaced as part of these road repairs.

These projects will go out to bid for contractors on April 20. Construction will start on Springville Boston Road on May 1, and then the rest of the projects should get underway by the end of May, according to Poloncarz.

Erie County will also spend county funds for major work on two bridges: Stony Road over Ellicott Creek in Lancaster and Heise Road over Ransom Creek in Clarence.

Those two bridge projects will cost nearly $5 million.

This is all part of the first phase of county infrastructure work this summer. Poloncarz said, depending on the weather and funding, he would hope to get another 100 miles of roads repaired, much of that through a cheaper process of oil and chip.

This winter's weather did a number on the county roads, he said.

"We had colder days," Poloncarz explained. "The ground froze. Then we had some very warm periods in which the ground thawed. Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw. Usually this happened once a year, and it freezes and then it thaws come March and the pothole season begins. Well we ended up having pothole season start in some ways in January."