RUSSELL, MASSACHUSETTS — No clergy member has been more outspoken about Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard Malone than Paul Snyder.

Snyder, a deacon at St. Mary’s of Swormville parish, has called for Malone to resign and has demanded contributions to the Diocese be returned.

And more than 350 miles east of Buffalo, a fellow deacon offered a prayer for Snyder this weekend.

“He doesn't need this aggravation. I don’t need this aggravation. It’s something we do for the love of God to help people,” said Deacon David Maillargeon of Russell, Massachusetts.

What Maillargeon and Snyder have in common aside from being deacons is that they’ve both had their roles sharply reduced in what’s seen as a form of punishment for speaking out against their bishop.

Maillargeon has been repeatedly critical of Springfield Bishop Mitchell Rozanski for his handling of priest sex abuse cases.

Inspired by Snyder’s stance, when Mailargeon Sunday at Holy Family parish in Russell offered prayers for religious leadership, he included one for the Buffalo-area Deacon.

Maillargeon recounted saying, “I said I want to do a prayer for Deacon Paul Snyder in the Diocese of Buffalo. He’s a deacon at St. Mary’s Church and he has been suppressed from speaking from the pulpit.”

Immediately after this, Maillargeon says pastor Father Ron Sadlowski chastised him in front of the gathered parishioners.

The Massachusetts Deacon indicated that it did not bother him. What he’d like is to talk with Snyder, a man he’s never met.

“I just want to tell him that he’s my brother and I agree with what’s he’s doing.”