BUFFALO, N.Y. — Just how much is it costing the Buffalo Catholic Diocese for legal advice?

It appears clear Bishop Richard Malone depends on his attorneys, Terry Connors and Lawler Quinlan. Both lawyers spokes at Malone's last news conference. Quinlan spoke at length.

And Connors has offered legal guidance to Buffalo bishops going back decades.

That got 2 On Your Side wondering what the legal advice cost.

In her interview with Bishop Malone earlier this month, Maryalice Demler asked, "How much are your attorneys being paid to advise the Diocese on these claims?"

Bishop Malone's response: "I get asked this all the time. I honest to God, I don't know the answer."

But Malone added he was going to ask the following morning.

2 On Your Side followed-up with the Diocese multiple times. On Wednesday, spokeswoman Kathy Spangler emailed: "The Diocese does not disclose the cost of service providers."

But, while the amount is unclear, Malone has indicted that money from assessments on parish assessments could very well go toward paying expenses including attorney fees.