BUFFALO, N.Y. — There is no contingent of demonstrators today outside the Catholic Center in Buffalo on this the supposed eve of Bishop Richard Malone’s resignation.

Two news outlets Monday, including the Buffalo News, reported the Bishop's resignation announcement is coming Wednesday of this week. 

But there is no sign of a potentially historic event at the Main Street structure. It is quiet. Diocesan workers file in and out of the building. Spokeswoman Kathy Spangler was unavailable when 2 On Your Side visited Tuesday morning.

Our questions:

-Is Bishop Malone actually in Buffalo?

-If so, is he at work?... what might he be doing?

-Is there a denial or a confirmation to reports of his resignation?

Seeking answers, we rang a doorbell on the door of the Bishop’s residence at St. Stanislaus Church. No answer. There are security cameras. We can only guess whether people inside decided not to answer.

The critics of Malone, and there are many, have not been silent.

Emails from the group “Survivor Voices” arrived Tuesday. The contents included a picture of Bishop Malone’s residence on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Above the picture, this sentence: “Malone’s exile is the easy way out.”

A second email from the group includes a picture of Buffalo’s Auxilary Bishop Edward Grosz. The subject line reads: “No more need be said / This guy must go”.

Meanwhile, no statements of any kind from the Diocese as the clock winds towards Wednesday.