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Funeral service held for shooting victim Pearl Young: Evangelist mother laid to rest

Remembering a strong woman of faith and community service.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — On Wednesday there was another funeral held for another one of the 10 shooting victims in Buffalo

We learned more about the life of Pearl Young. She is described as a beloved woman of God who served her community and focused on love for her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and really all children.

Pearl Young is now lovingly labeled as a mother, teacher, evangelist, and worshipper.

And for those who crowded into the Elim Christian Fellowship Church for her funeral, they revered her memory and will always talk about her in a particular way.

2 On Your Side asked a family member, if somebody was meeting her for the first time, what would be their impression?

Aeisha Roberston, who says she is the mother of Young's grandchildren, replied: "Godly. Very kind. Just like her name Pearl. Just a wonderful woman. You won't find anybody to have anything bad to stay about her."

And just like the launch of colorful balloons to soar into the sky as her casket was placed in the hearse, her joyous spirit was perhaps best reflected in her strong faith as a missionary and Sunday School teacher.

"That was first. What came first in her life. God and church. Her children, community, grandchildren. She definitely was a woman of God, by all means," Roberston said.

Young, who was originally from Alabama and then Connecticut, moved here to marry a man from a church leadership family. She also served the community as a Buffalo substitute school teacher and food pantry organizer who loved to cook soup and bake for others.

She enjoyed her children, and many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and that love extended outward in her role as a foster parent and beyond.

"Loved children. Accepted any child. It didn't have to come from her. Any child. Any child," Robertson said. "Always wanted to speak positively to children so they could grow up to at least know right from wrong. You know morals. That's why she started them so young and put so much into children."

And since she herself was a child of God, this 77-year-old woman who died that very dark day at the Tops' supermarket perhaps would have felt another element of religious teaching which we asked about. 

2 On Your Side asked, do you think she would have forgiveness for the shooter?

Robertson: "Yes."

Reporter: "Because of who she was?"

Robertson: "Yes."

Reporter: "That says a lot about her."

Robertson: "Yes. she would. She would pray for him."

Pearl Young was laid to rest at Forest Lawn Cemetery.


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