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Mayor Brown takes Army veteran grocery shopping at Jefferson Avenue Tops

Patrick White would shop at the Jefferson Avenue Tops four to five times a week before the May 14 mass shooting. On Sunday, he returned with Mayor Byron Brown.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Going grocery shopping takes on a different meaning for many in Buffalo these days, especially people living near the Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue.

On Sunday, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown took off his tie and took a local veteran grocery shopping.

The City of Buffalo provided pictures of the mayor shopping with an Army veteran and senior citizen inside the store, which has been remodeled after a mass shooting on May 14, where 10 people were killed and three more wounded.

Patrick White used to shop at this location four to five times a week before the massacre. 2 On Your Side talked to him and the mayor about the experience on Sunday afternoon.

Credit: City of Buffalo

"I have to catch the bus to the store, so this store right here is very important to us," White said. "Some people take it for granted. 'Well, I got a car, I'll just go on so and so and shop.' But for some of us, it's mandatory, and this is excellent, and I am so proud we're back together. Look at this. You can't beat it with a hammer."

Mayor Brown explained why he wanted to take a senior citizen shopping.

"In honor and memory of the victims of the shooting, many of them were seniors, a lot of seniors shop here. And while we don't want to live in tragedy, we have to move forward. We should never ever forget the precious lives that were lost here, and I wanted to do something for one of our seniors in the community."

The Tops store motto is "Jefferson Strong." While many people have returned, there is a contingent that did not and may not.

"Walking through the store today, it was like I was in a different place. I was looking at the ceiling and looking around, and it was just a beautiful experience," White said.

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