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Snow brings business to Ellicottville

Holiday Valley was packed as WNY skiers and snowboarders took advantage of the snow.

ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. — The ski slopes were the place to be on Saturday, as hundreds of skiers and snowboarders took advantage of WNY's recent snowfall.

Holiday Valley had a great early start to the season. "In November we had 55 inches of snow which is very unusual. It was really cold, we made a lot of snow and got ready for an amazing season," said Holiday Valley's Director of Marketing Jane Eshbaugh.

Despite the great start in November, the weather was not as cooperative in December. Esbaugh said the resort typically sees 40-50 inches of snow in December, but that was not the case this season.

"It got kinda warm and only had maybe about 20 inches of snow in the month of December and a few weather cycles where we did have some rain," said Esbaugh.

However, this week's snowfall made all the difference for skiers and snowboarders waiting for fresh powder. "We just got that big dump of snow the other day, and it's been amazing," said Esbaugh.

Hundreds of people packed Holiday Valley Saturday, which created longer lines for the ski lift, but Ellicottville businesses say they appreciate those large crowds.

"It's been great ya know, it started snowing Thursday, the snows been awesome and we've been really busy ever since" said Mud Sweat and Gears Manager, Nick Sciera.