BUFFALO, NY - The Orlando shooting attack also focuses attention once again on the overall gun control issue and the related concerns of protection of constitutional rights of gun owners. 2 On Your Side looks at the discussion on the federal and state levels.

The President's perspective opens up this latest debate. As he pointed out, "This massacre is ... a further reminder of how easy it is for someone to get their hands on a weapon."

Now members of our local Congressional delegation are also looking at the background of terrorism and mental health regarding the gunman but of course weighing the ultimate argument of access as they balance safety and constitutional rights.

Congressman Brian Higgins says, "Most people who are commonsensical would believe that that individual should not be able to purchase a weapon of mass destruction. And perhaps nobody should be able to purchase a weapon of mass destruction."

Congressman Tom Reed counters, "The root of the problem in this situation is a radical Islamic extremist who is committed to doing harm regardless of the weapon that he or she chooses to use. We should be focusing on the priority in my opinion which is taking on that threat represented by this shooter."

And in New York state, where the controversial Safe Act restricts elements of access on these types of weapons, there are strong opinions as well as to what needs to be done.

Leah Gunn Barrett of the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence organization stresses 'We need to do a lot of things in this country but when it comes down to gun violence...there really is only one bottom line and that is easy accessibility to firearms."

But we also asked Steven Aldstadt of the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) if there was any compromise between both sides as we still see these types of events. He said ,"Well, I hope so. I'm not prepared at this time to offer a specific compromise."

The SCOPE spokesman adds, "You know we're disappointed that the President is calling for further gun control rather than addressing this as what it is ... a terror attack."