NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — Alyssa Zehler is in the Air Force, she lives in Tonawanda with her husband and two children.  

"I am medical admin and I have two boys," she said.

She grew up in Western New York and decided to join the service in honor of her late grandfather in 2006.

"My grandfather was the only person who wore the uniform," she said."So after he passed away that was my tribute to him."

After a training course this week, she and 17 of her colleagues decided to go out for lunch at Fuji Grill in Niagara Falls.

"We showed up to Fuji Grill and there were 18 of us that day and it was incredible," said Zehler. "This woman offered to take a picture, a group photo of us, she had her family there, her two sons and her daughter with her husband and she's talking to us and she thanked us for our service."

When the group was almost done with their meals, the hostess told them about a random act of kindness done by the couple who wished to remain anonymous.

"The hostess came over and said there is an anonymous couple who bought all of your lunches, tipped out your servers, the chefs and they just wanted to thank you again for your service and it left us speechless. It brought some of us to tears. It was a very heartwarming thing," she said.

Zehler created a Facebook post to thank the couple for their generosity. 

That post has been shared more than 700 times.