BUFFALO, N.Y. - The movie series is called PURE. Based on a book by a Buffalo native, the movie features people from Western New York and the message is to serve as a deterrent to the criminal life.

William Morris, known as Deuce King, found a love for writing when he was serving time in prison in Georgia.

King thinks the title PURE is just right. It was a title suggested to him by Fonz Carter.

"Pure to me means something that is not watered down, something that's real, authentic and I think that's what this product is," said King in an interview with 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing.

"PURE is more than a book and a movie, what I was trying to do is show young men and women that If I can do something different, you can do something different," said King.

The music in the movie is local.

"I took unsigned artists from Buffalo, to try to put these artists on a higher platform with the movie," said music director John Stover. He also said he thinks the realism of it is why it should be celebrated.

While PURE is a fictitious story, the producer said it is about things that happened in Buffalo.

"We are not glorifying the drugs and the violence, but this is our reality, this is my reality. this is what's going on in today's society," he said.

The hope is that PURE can change the mindset of urban America. The mini-series has been shown to sold out audiences in theaters in Buffalo, Atlanta and Charlotte. Part two will be released this fall.