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Walton repeats she will not layoff police in response to the latest Brown TV ad

India Walton's campaign hit's the air with its latest ad on Tuesday.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — India Walton spent time again Monday denying the same largely debunked claim coming from her mayoral race opponent, incumbent Byron Brown.

The re-cycled claim comes from Brown’s latest T-V ad suggesting Walton’s desire to trim the city police public by $7.5M will lead to 100 officers being fired. 

This morning outside her campaign headquarters, Walton read from a prepared statement, “Let me be clear, the accusation that I will fire 100 police officers is a lie. Plain and simple. I will not be imposing any layoffs in the department at all.”

When the claim popped up in early commercials from the Brown campaign, 2 On Your Side had a look. Theoretically, Walton’s proposed police budget cut would pay for a hundred city officers. The president of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association confirmed that.

But Walton says a study of the department by the Project For Public Good shows how the multi-million dollar cut could be achieved through eliminating or reducing overtime and other measures that do not include officer layoffs.

Walton did not take questions from reporters, but her campaign communications director did.

Jesse Myerson said eliminating currently unfilled positions on the force and retirement could lead to fewer officers, but he reiterated layoffs are not a part of Walton’s policing plan.

2 On Your Side did reach out to the Brown campaign Monday, but there was no response.

Meanwhile, Walton’s campaign is on the air Tuesday with its latest TV ad.

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