BUFFALO, N.Y. — Congressman Chris Collins may have a tough re-election fight come 2020. 

A fellow Republican announced he'll challenge Collins in a primary.

The Buffalo News reported State Senator Chris Jacobs said he will run against Collins.

In the article, Senator Jacobs said Collins is ineffective due to the insider trading charges filed against him.

Jacobs also pointed out Collins was removed from any congressional committees.

Collins did respond to the report that Jacobs will challenge him.

"If there's anyone who doesn't fit the profile, it would be Chris Jacobs," said Collins. "He's the second most liberal Republican in the state senate. He's a never Trumper, he's pro-abortion, and I would say his resume does not suit New York 27."

Collins says he hasn't made up his mind about reelection. 

This all depends on the outcome of Collins' federal trial on insider trading charges which is set to begin next February.