DEPEW, N.Y.-- When Vice President Mike Pence rolled into Western New York on Tuesday, he was greeted by a group of nearly 100 protesters across the street from Salvatore's Italian Gardens.

While the Vice President was inside to raise campaign money for Representative Chris Collins, some of the Congressman's constituents were outside with a message.

Jessica Altman, with Citizens Against Collins said, "Collins is a talking head, a puppet head for that government, which is why the White House granted that visit on taxpayer dollars so that Pence could come for a fundraiser to help run up Collin's war chest."

Many of the protesters were members of the LGBTQ community and said today's protest was personal.

"They don't understand the constitution is for all of us. Not some of us. Not all of us, except those people," said Dianna Patten, "That's the biggest thing of all. We were always excluded. I'm a transgender veteran, myself. So right now, allegedly Trump made a joke about Vice President Pence saying, 'Don't talk to that guy, he wants to hang them all.'"

The Vice President did not address the protestors.