NEW YORK STATE, USA — "Today is a bad day in Albany," said local Assemblyman David DiPietro, after the legislature passed a bill that will let the state tax department release President Donald Trump's New York tax returns to congress.

DiPietro added, "We're not getting hardly anything done in New York State, but yet here we are working on going and attacking the President of the United States."

DiPietro says focusing on legislation like this is wasting time. Assemblyman Pat Burke, who voted in favor for the bill, disagrees.

"If this guy has foreign entanglements and he's making decisions based off of that, then the people that I represent are less safe because of that," Burke said. "I couldn't think of anything more important to do with my time as a legislator than protect the people in my district."

Williamsville-based Assemblywoman Karen McMahon also voted for the bill. However, she said her vote was more about transparency. 

"If there's somebody, an elected official who is up to no good, there is a process now for a congressional committee to look into it. I doubt it's going to affect many people on a day to day basis," McMahon explained.

Republican State Senator Pat Gallivan voted against the bill.

He told 2 on Your Side, this is a result of one party controlling both houses. 

"This clearly is a political piece of legislation that was put forward by the new majority, all focused around New York City, the leadership. It continues to waste time on issues that are unrelated to the good and well being of the citizens of Western New York."

However, those in favor believe they can do both—take care of local issues and confront a national conflict.

"People wanna make this a political issue and it's funny that the ones who keep crying about politics are all the president's supporters who want everyone to look away or just get comfortable with the idea of overt corruption," explained Burke.