As the nation waits for polls to close across the country and votes to come in, we can get some idea of how voters are feeling from early surveys.

Here’s a look at a Morning Consult/Politic poll:

• 85% Just want it to be over
• 72% Anxious
• 71% Nervous
• 53% Angry
• 50% Sad
• 48% Overwhelmed
• 39% Depressed
• 29% Proud
• 25% Happy

The poll found that 36% of people said they wanted a strong leader and only 16% want someone who care about them or shares their values.

The election is also on track to produce "one of the largest gender gaps since 1972," according to exit poll data from the Associated Press and television networks by Edison Research. That means women voters are flocking to Clinton, while non-college-educated white men are backing Donald Trump.

Trump got 7 in 10 votes from white men who did not attend college, according to the AP and Edison Research poll. Meanwhile, Clinton earned the support of less than a quarter of voters in that group.

Here's a look at other notable AP/ Edison Research poll results:

  • Clinton's support among women is comparable to the backing that woman voters gave President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 elections, AP reported.
  • Clinton is hanging on to Millenial votes, with people age 18-29 supporting Clinton at a level comparable to the same age-groups' support of Obama in 2012.
  • Trump is popular with voters who are 45 and older.
  • Everyone is scared about the other guy winning. Seven in ten Clinton voters said they worried about a Trump win, and six in ten Trump supporters said they felt the same about the prospect of a Clinton presidency.