BUFFALO, N.Y. - Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy addressed the media following Saturday morning's announcement given by Chris Collins, that he was suspending his campaign for re-election.

"This gives the opportunity for the party to have a fresh start," Langworthy said. "I think he [Collins] made the right decision for the people of Western New York and all the taxpayers in his district."

Langworthy said he will meet with fellow county chairs in the coming days to work on logistics that the party will undertake to find a substitute candidate. Langworthy confirmed there are over 15 candidates who have expressed interest.

"His legal trouble has becomes a distraction in the district, campaign and this is the best decision for the republican party," Langworthy said.

The Erie County Republican Chairman also took time to mention democratic candidate, Nate McMurray, and said to see a candidate like McMurray be elected to the seat would be a crime.

You can watch the full press conference in the video above.