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Gov. Cuomo: I think legislators deserve a pay raise

Gov. Cuomo said on a radio show that New York State legislators deserve a pay raise.

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Governor Cuomo appears to endorse a pay raise for New York State legislators.

The Governor made his comments on The Capitol Pressroom Thursday morning. "I think legislators deserve a raise," adding, "I know politics and politicians are not fancy these days and it's very controversial times."

Cuomo said legislators work hard, spend time in Albany away from their families

and make tremendous sacrifices, "I know it's not popular to say but I believe they deserve a raise."

The governor also favored hiking the pay of his commissioners and those in top senior level positions. He believes it will help attract the best of the best. "To be competitive, to get the quality you want, you have to raise these salaries many of which haven't been adjusted in 20-25 years," he said.

The governor said many of the people he attracts now for senior level positions must be in a position where they are financially independent so they can afford to work for the state of New York.

Legislators currently earn $79,500. They can earn more in stipends known as lulu's for leadership roles and chairing committees.

A four-member panel of current and former comptrollers will consider a pay raise for legislators and department heads, The independent commission will hold two public hearings this month before making a final decision on December 10.

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