BUFFALO, NY - Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York) unveiled a democratic plan to deal with gun violence on Thursday, calling on President Donald Trump to consider it with the same openness he expressed during a meeting with a bi-partisan group of lawmakers Wednesday.

It was at that meeting that Mr. Trump said, “We have to adopt common sense gun laws which maintain the rights of law abiding citizens, but keeps guns away from those who pose a danger and should not have them."

"The president said a lot of things right yesterday…I believe many were surprised, some of us pleasantly, by what we saw," said Schumer.

At a news conference in Washington, Schumer seemed encouraged that Mr. Trump seemed to indicate that he could support the three points in the gun violence plan now being proffered by democrats.

The first being to close a loophole, which allows guns to be sold at some gun shows and on the internet without the universal background check gun buyers undergo when they purchase weapons at stores.

“Not having background checks at gun shows is like checking I.D’s at the liquor store but not at the bar. It makes no sense," said Schumer.

Democrats also propose that families, or police agencies, could petition a court to block those subject to active orders of protection for domestic violence or abuse from getting a gun, or to even take them away if they already have one.

“We’ll be pushing our republican colleagues to pass legislation that allows for protective orders to temporarily disarm individuals who have shown credible signs of being a harm to themselves or to others," said Schumer. “This will ensure that these individuals don't have an access to a firearm while they are a clear danger to others."

Schumer a said the plan also calls for a debate on the Senate floor regarding the banning so called assault weapons.

“Not every member on the side will support that ban by the vast majority will," Schumer said.

Schumer praised the President for indicating he'd rebuke the NRA if it opposed these measures

“He seemed willing to do it and even pushed republicans to do the same," Schumer said.