BUFFALO, N.Y. - Representative Chris Collins was in downtown Buffalo Wednesday night, addressing federal charges brought against him earlier that day.

Among other things, Collins denied the allegations, and announced he would still be on the ballot running for re-election this November.

Collins' news conference last about six minutes, after which he did not take questions from reporters. Some criticized Collins for holding the announcement in Buffalo — which is not a part of his district.

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Collins didn't have a lot to say about the charges against him, though he called them 'meritless' and said he looks forward to being "fully vindicated and exonerated."

"Throughout my tenure in Congress, I have followed all rules and all ethical guidelines when it comes to my personal investments," said Collins.

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Collins spent much of the news conference talking about his political career, time as a businessman and entrepreneur, and touting his community service.

He called himself an "avid and unwavering supporter" of Innate for more than 15 years — before he became a member of Congress.

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"Over this time, my affiliation with Innate has prompted attacks on me, my integrity and my investments by my political opponents. I believed in the company and still do and in the potential for a drug that had the real possibility of improving the treatment options for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis patients," said Collins.

You can watch the press conference in full below:

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